Atom-probe field ion microscopy : field ion emission and surfaces and interfaces at atomic resolution [E-Book] / Tien T. Tsong.
Tsong, Tien Tsou, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1990
1 online resource (x, 387 pages)
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Atom-probe field ion microscopy is currently the only technique capable of imaging solid surfaces with atomic resolution, and at the same time of chemically analysing surface atoms selected by the observer from the field ion image. Field ion microscopy has been successfully used to study most metals and many alloys, and recently good field ion images of some semiconductors and even ceramic materials such as high temperature superconductors have been obtained. Although other microscopies are capable of achieving the same resolution, there are some experiments unique to field ion microscopy - for example the study of the behaviour of single atoms and clusters on a solid surface. The elegant development of the field ion microscope with the atom probe has provided a powerful and useful technique for highly sensitive chemical analysis. This book presents the basic principles of atom-probe field ion microscopy and illustrates the various capabilities of the technique in the study of solid surfaces and interfaces at atomic resolution. A useful comparison is given with two related techniques, electron microscopy and scanning tunnelling microscopy. The book will be of interest to scientists working on surfaces and interfaces of materials at the atomic level and will provide a useful reference for those using this technique.