A panorama in number theory or the view from Baker's garden [E-Book] / edited by Gisbert Wüstholz.
Baker, Alan, (editor)
Wüstholz, Gisbert, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2002
1 online resource (xv, 356 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • One century of logarithmic forms / G. Wüstholz
  • Report on p-adic logarithmic forms / Kunrui Yu
  • Recent progress on linear forms in elliptic logarithms / Sinnou David & Noriko Hirata-Kohno
  • Solving diophantine equations by Baker's theory / Kálmán Győry
  • Baker's method and modular curves / Yuri F. Bilu
  • Application of the Andrè-Oort conjecture to some questions in transcendence / Paula B. Cohen & Gilbert Wüstholz
  • Regular dessins, endomorphisms of Jacobians, and transcendence / Jürgen Wolfart
  • Maass cusp forms with integer coefficients / Peter Sarnak
  • Modular forms, elliptic curves and the ABC-conjecture / Dorian Goldfeld
  • On the algebraic independence of numbers / Yu. V. Nesterenko
  • Ideal lattices / Eva Bayer-Fluckiger
  • Integral points and Mordell-Weil lattices / Tetsuji Shioda
  • Forty years of effective results in diophantine theory / Enrico Bombieri
  • Points on subvarieties of Tori / Jan-Hendrik Evertse
  • A new application of diophantine approximations / G. Faltings
  • Search bounds for diophantine equations / D.W. Masser
  • Regular systems, ubiquity and diophantine approximation / V.V. Beresnevich, V.I. Bernik & M.M. Dodson
  • Diophantine approximation, lattices and flows on homogeneous spaces / Gregory Margulis
  • On linear ternary equations with prime variables / Ming-Chit Liu & Tianze Wang
  • Powers in arithmetic progression / T.N. Shorey
  • On the greatest common divisor of two univariate polynomials / A. Schinzel
  • Heilbronn's exponential sum and transcendence theory / D.R. Heath-Brown.