The mentalities of gorillas and orangutans : comparative perspectives [E-Book] / edited by Sue Taylor Parker, Robert W. Mitchell, H. Lyn Miles.
Parker, Sue Taylor, (editor)
Mitchell, Robert W., (editor) / Miles, H. Lyn, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1999
1 online resource (x, 419 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Hominid family values : morphological and molecular data on relations among the great apes and humans /
  • David R. Begun
  • Life history and development of great apes in comparative perspective /
  • Sue T. Parker
  • Frontal lobes of the great apes with a focus on the gorilla and the orangutan /
  • Katerina Semendeferi
  • Intelligent tool use in wild Sumatran orangutans /
  • Elizabeth A. Fox, Arnold F. Sitompul, and Carel P. Van Schaik
  • Orangutans' imitation of tool use : a cognitive interpretation /
  • Anne E. Russon
  • Object manipulation and skill organization in the complex food preparation of mountain gorillas /
  • Richard W. Byrne
  • Development of sensorimotor intelligence in infant gorillas : the manipulation of objects in problem-solving and exploration /
  • Juan C. Gómez
  • Tool use in captive gorillas /
  • Sarah T. Boysen [and others]
  • Survey of tool use in zoo gorillas /
  • Sue T. Parker [and others]
  • Symbolic communication with and by great apes /
  • H. Lyn Miles
  • Development of spontaneous gestural communication in a group of zoo-living lowland gorillas /
  • Joanne E. Tanner and Richard W. Byrne
  • Early sign-language acquisition : comparisons between children and gorillas /
  • John B. Bonvillian and Francine G.P. Patterson
  • Early sign performance in a free-ranging, adult orangutan /
  • Gary L. Shapiro and Biruté M.F. Galdikas
  • Comparative aspects of mirror self-recognition in great apes /
  • Karyl B. Swartz, Dena Sarauw, and Sian Evans
  • Deception and concealment as strategic script violation in great apes and humans /
  • Robert W. Mitchell
  • Levels of imitation and cognitive mechanisms in orangutans /
  • Joseph Call
  • Parental encouragement in Gorilla in comparative perspectives : implications for social cognition and the evolution of teaching /
  • Andrews Whiten
  • Development of social roles in the play of an infant gorilla and its relationship to sensorimotor intellectual development /
  • Sue T. Parker
  • Mentalities of gorillas and orangutans in phylogenetic perspective /
  • Sue T. Parker and Robert W. Mitchell.