Psychosomatic medicine : an introduction to consultation-liaison psychiatry [E-Book] / edited by James J. Amos and Robert G. Robinson.
Amos, James J., (editor)
Robinson, Robert G., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010
1 online resource (xiii, 275 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • The consultation process / Jeanne M. Lackamp
  • Assessing capacity in the medically ill: I don't want to! / Mary J. Fitz-Gerald
  • The difficult patient encounter: understanding what just happened? / Raheel A. Khan and Mary J. Fitz-Gerald
  • Psychopharmacology in the medically ill /Sanjeev Sockalingam, Adrienne Tan and Susan E. Abbey
  • Suicide risk assessment / James J. Amos
  • Assessment and management of the violent patient / James J. Amos
  • Evaluation and management of delirium / John Querque [and others]
  • Management of somatoform disorders / Kathy Coffman
  • Managing factitious disorder and malingering / James J. Amos
  • Agitation in patients with dementia / Debra R. Kahn, Raheel A. Khan and James A. Bourgeois
  • Depression and heart disease / Jess G. Fiedorowicz
  • Management of poststroke depression / Robert G. Robinson, Sergio E. Starkstein and Romina Mizrahi
  • Psychiatric aspects of Parkinson's disease / Joanne A. Byars and Laura Marsh
  • Managing depression in traumatic brain injury / Oludamilola Salami and Vani Rao
  • Managing psychiatric aspects of seizure disorders Alex Thompson
  • Distress and depression in cancer care / Janeta Tansey and Donna Greenberg
  • Depression in the patient with hepatitis / C Joseph A. Locala
  • Psychiatric aspects of AIDS / Mary Ann Cohen
  • Managing depression and renal failure / Thomas W. Heinrich
  • Management of psychiatric syndromes due to endocrine and metabolic diseases / James J. Amos and Jaspreet Chahal
  • Management of alcohol withdrawal and other selected substance withdrawal issues / Philip A. Bialer and Anthony C. Miller
  • Managing depression in pregnancy / Robin C. Kopelman
  • Psychiatric aspects of organ transplantation / Michael Marcangelo and Catherine Crone
  • Preoperative psychiatric evaluation for bariatric surgery / Kathy Coffman
  • Psychiatric care at the end of life: hospice and palliative medicine / Michelle Weckmann
  • Demoralization in the medical setting / Marcus Wellen and Thomas Wise
  • Psychotherapy for the hospitalized medically ill patient / Scott Temple and Scott Stuart
  • Children's reaction and consequences of illness and hospitalization and transition of care from pediatric to adult settings / Susan Turkel and Maryland Pao.