Science and human experience : values, culture and the mind [E-Book] / Leon N. Cooper, Brown University.
Cooper, Leon N., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014
1 online resource (xiii, 246 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Part One. Science and Society: 1. Science and human experience; 2. Does science undermine our values?; 3. Can science serve mankind?; 4. Modern science and contemporary discomfort : metaphor and reality; 5. Faith and science; 6. Art and science; 7. Fraud in science; 8. Why study science? The keys to the cathedral; 9. Is evolution a theory? A modest proposal; 10. The silence of the second; 11. Introduction to Copenhagen; 12. The unpaid debt
  • Part Two. Thought and Consciousness: 13. Source and limits of human intellect; 14. Neural networks; 15. Thought and mental experience : the Turing test; 16. Mind as machine : will we rubbish human experience?; 17. Memory and memories: a physicist's approach to the brain; 18. On the problem of consciousness
  • Part Three. On the Nature and Limits of Science: 19. What is a good theory?; 20. Shall we deconstruct science?; 21. Visible and invisible in physical theory; 22. Experience and order; 23. The language of physics : on the role of mathematics in science; 24. The structure of space; 25. Superconductivity and other insoluble problems; 26. From gravity and light to consciousness : does science have limits?