Kin recognition [E-Book] / edited by Peter G. Hepper.
Hepper, Peter G., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1991
1 online resource (xii, 457 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • The correlation between kinship and behaviour in non-human primates / Irwin S. Bernstein
  • Co-operation and reciprocity in birds and mammals / J. David Ligon
  • Kinship and fellowship in ants and social wasps / Pierre Jaisson
  • Successes and failures of parent-offspring recognition in animals / Michael D. Beecher
  • Kinship, kin discrimination and mate choice / C.J. Barnard and Peter Aldhous
  • Genetic components of kin recognition in mammals / Edward A. Boyse, Gary K. Beauchamp, Kunio Yamazaki and Judith Bard
  • Kim recognition in amphibians / Bruce Waldman
  • Kin recognition cues of vertebrates / Zuleyma Tang Halpin
  • Recognizing kin : ontogeny and classification / Peter G. Hepper
  • Parental states as mechanisms for kinship recognition and deception about relatedness / Robert W. Elwood
  • Fetal learning : implications for the development of kin recognition / Scott R. Robinson and William P. Smotherman
  • Information processing and storage during filial imprinting / Mark H. Johnson
  • The honey bee as a model kin recognition system / Wayne M. Getz
  • Mutual mother
  • infant recognition in humans / Richard H. Porter.