Multi element analysis for environmental characterization and its future trends : 5th Contribution to the Principles of Trace Analysis of Elements and Radionuclides. Opening Lecture to the International Symposium on New Sensors and Methods for Environmental Characterization, Kyoto, 10. 11. 1986. Dedicated to the 60th birthday of Professor Dr. Ludwig Feinendegen, Jülich [E-Book] / by Bruno Sansoni
Sansoni, Bruno, ( Verfasser)
Feinendegen, Ludwig E., ( Festschrift)
Jülich : Kernforschungsanlage, Zentralbibliothek , 1987
1 Online-Ressource (64 Seiten, Anhang)
Spezielle Berichte der Kernforschungsanlage Jülich ; 393
environmental sample : multielement analysis
multielement analysis : future aspect
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