Contamination Mitigating Polymeric Coatings for Extreme Environments [E-Book] / edited by Christopher J. Wohl, Douglas H. Berry.
Berry, Douglas H., (editor)
Wohl, Christopher J., (editor)
1st edition 2019.
Cham : Springer, 2019
VIII, 378 pages 94 illustrations in color (online resource)
Advances in Polymer Science ; 284
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Table of Contents:
  • Aerospace and Marine Environments as Design Spaces for Contamination-Mitigating Polymeric Coatings
  • Part I. Application of Biomimetics to Contamination-Mitigating Coatings
  • Influence of Topography on Adhesion and Bioadhesion
  • Part II. Ice Contamination-Mitigating Coatings
  • Use of Liquid Ad(ab)sorbing Surfaces for Anti-icing Applications
  • Ice Adhesion on Superhydrophobic Coatings in an Icing Wind Tunnel
  • Icephobicity: Definition and Measurement Regarding Atmospheric Icing
  • Development and Testing of Icephobic Materials: Lessons Learned from Fraunhofer IFAM
  • Ice Release Coatings of High Durability for Aerospace Applications
  • Antifogging and Frost-resisting Polymeric Surfaces
  • Part III. Insect Contamination-Mitigation Coatings
  • An Overview of Insect Residue Accretion and Mitigation Strategies on Aerodynamic Surfaces
  • The Physics of Insect Impact and Residue Expansion
  • Laboratory Investigation into Anti-contamination Coatings for Mitigating Insect Contamination with Application to Laminar Flow Technology
  • Insect Abatement on Lubricious, Low Adhesion Polymer Coatings Measured with an Insect Impact Testing System
  • Requirements, Test Strategies and Evaluation of Anti-contamination and Easy-to-clean Surfaces and New Approaches for Development
  • Part IV. Biofouling-Mitigation Coatings
  • Candy and Poisons: Fouling Management with Pharmacophore Coatings
  • Unique Silicone-epoxy Coatings for both Fouling- and Drag-resistance in Abrasive Environments.