Partial differential equations : classical theory with a modern touch [E-Book] / A. K. Nandakumaran, P. S. Datti.
Nandakumaran, A. K., (author)
Datti, P. S., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2020
1 online resource (xix, 356 pages)
Cambridge - IISc series
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Table of Contents:
  • First-order partial differential equations : method of characteristics
  • Hamilton-Jacobi equation
  • Conservation laws
  • Classification of second-order equations
  • Laplace and Poisson equations
  • Heat equation
  • One-dimensional wave equation
  • Wave equation in higher dimensions
  • Cauchy-Kovalevsky theorem and its generalization
  • A peep into weak derivatives, Sobolev spaces and weak formulation.