Ball Lightning [E-Book] : A Popular Guide to a Longstanding Mystery in Atmospheric Electricity / by Herbert Boerner.
Boerner, Herbert, (author)
1st edition 2019.
Cham : Springer, 2019
XIV, 205 pages 57 illustrations, 49 illustrations in color (online resource)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Ball Lightning: Observers' Tales
  • The Search for Photographic Evidence
  • A Bit of Philosophy, or What Has a Razor to Do with Ball Lightning?
  • Organizing and Analyzing the Observations
  • Electrical Discharges, Coronas, and Streamers
  • Thunderstorms and Lightning
  • BL: Well Documented Cases of Copious Production
  • The Link Between Lightning Physics and Ball Lightning
  • Some People Just Won't Believe It: The Skeptic's View
  • Ball Lightning Theories
  • BL Experiments
  • Wrapping It All Up
  • Appendix
  • References.