Laser-Driven Sources of High Energy Particles and Radiation [E-Book] : Lecture Notes of the "Capri" Advanced Summer School / edited by Leonida Antonio Gizzi, Ralph Assmann, Petra Koester, Antonio Giulietti.
Assmann, Ralph, (editor)
Giulietti, Antonio, (editor) / Gizzi, Leonida Antonio, (editor) / Koester, Petra, (editor)
1st edition 2019.
Cham : Springer, 2019
XVII, 254 pages 116 illustrations, 100 illustrations in color (online resource)
Springer Proceedings in Physics ; 231
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Table of Contents:
  • Preface
  • "Basics of Laser-Plasma Interaction: a Selection of Topics"
  • "LWFA electrons: staged acceleration"
  • "Fundamentals and Applications of Hybrid LWFA-PWFA"
  • "Introduction to High Brightness Electron Beam Dynamics"
  • "Ion acceleration: TNSA and beyond"
  • "Ultrafast Plasma Imaging"
  • "Simulation of particles through matter"
  • "Lectures about intense lasers: amplification process"
  • "Diagnostics of ultrafast and ultraintense laser pulses".