Nonlinear Dynamics of Structures, Systems and Devices [E-Book] : Proceedings of the First International Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (NODYCON 2019), Volume I / edited by Walter Lacarbonara, Balakumar Balachandran, Jun Ma, J. A. Tenreiro Machado, Gabor Stepan.
Balachandran, Balakumar, (editor)
Lacarbonara, Walter, (editor) / Ma, Jun, (editor) / Stepan, Gabor, (editor) / Tenreiro Machado, J. A., (editor)
1st edition 2020.
Cham : Springer, 2020
XXVIII, 592 pages 250 illustrations, 204 illustrations in color (online resource)
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Table of Contents:
  • Part A: Methods for nonlinear dynamics
  • Nonlinear dynamics of multibody systems using an augmented Lagrangian formulation
  • Stability boundary approximation of periodic dynamics
  • e2-order normal form analysis for a two-degree-of-freedom nonlinear coupled oscillator
  • Vibrational mechanics of systems with amplitude and phase modulation of excitation
  • Singular perturbation techniques and asymptotic expansions for some complex enzyme reactions
  • A novel two-stage ellipsoid filtering based system modeling algorithm for a Hammerstein nonlinear model with an unknown noise term
  • A new method for the frequency response curve and its unstable region of a strongly nonlinear oscillator
  • Matrix solitons solutions of the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation
  • Part B: Bifurcations and nonsmooth systems
  • Bifurcations of limit directions at codimension-2 discontinuities of vector fields
  • Boundary layer dynamics of multibody systems involving impact and friction
  • Creation of Neimark-Sacker bifurcation for a three-degree-of-freedom vibro-impact system with clearances
  • Analogue models of rocking suitcases and snaking trailers
  • A theoretical model for vibro-impact dynamics of spur gears with tooth flanks wear
  • Stability of coupled and damped Mathieu equations utilizing symplectic properties
  • Asymmetry in the basin stability of oscillation death states under variation of environment-oscillator links
  • The occurrence of zero-Hopf bifurcation in a generalized Sprott A system
  • Part C: Nonlinear phenomena in mechanical systems and structures
  • External and internal resonances in a mass-spring-damper system with 3-dof
  • Internal resonances in an imperfect circular cylindrical panel
  • Weakly nonlinear liquid sloshing-modelling and exploration of response regimes
  • Catenary-based nonlinear multimodal theory of cable free vibrations
  • Flexural and sway interaction in the nonlinear vibrations of a phenomenological model of a laterally braced column
  • Influences of temperature on dynamic behaviors of suspended cables under primary and sub-harmonic excitations simultaneously
  • Analysis of a shape memory Alloy spring system under harmonic excitation
  • Vibration of pre-loaded shallow circular arches
  • Nonlinear vibration responses of laminated composite cantilever plate in subsonic air flow
  • Adaptation of energy dissipation in a laminated module with tunable twin wells
  • The Duffing-Mathieu equation arising from dynamics of post-buckled beams
  • Resonance-induced energy localization in weakly dissipative anharmonic chains
  • Part D: Experimental dynamics, system Identification and monitoring
  • Torsional analysis of transmission line cables
  • Application of a stochastic version of the restoring force surface method to identify a Duffing oscillator
  • Modeling of the hysteretic behavior of wire rope isolators using a novel rate-independent model
  • A non-linear model of rubber shear springs validated by experiments
  • Operational modal analysis on a six-degree-of-freedom parallel manipulator: reproducibility, excitation & pose dependency
  • Shaking table investigation on the masonry structures behaviour to earthquakes with strong vertical component
  • Quantifying rate dependence of a nonlinear hysteretic device
  • Application of photoelasticity to some nonlinear dynamic problems and stress state analysis in dams: A brief overview inspired by the results of Prof. Vlatko Brčić
  • Part E: Fluid-structure interaction, multibody system dynamics
  • Levitated and parametrically excited sphere dynamics in a single-axis ultrasonic levitator
  • Modelling VIV of transversally oscillating rigid structures using nonlinear fluid oscillators
  • Asymptotic analysis of a dynamical system for vortex-induced vibration and galloping
  • A quasi-steady 3-DoFs sectional aerodynamic model: preliminary results
  • Lie group dynamics of multibody system in vortical fluid flow
  • Damping models in aircraft flutter analyses
  • Dynamic response of a morphing wing
  • Helicopter pilot biomechanics by multibody analysis
  • Derivation of non-dimensional equation of motion for thin plate in absolute nodal coordinate formulation
  • Part F: Turning Processes, Rotating Systems, and Systems with Time Delays
  • Approximated dynamics of chatter in turning processes
  • Chaotic dynamics in spinning shafts with non-constant rotating speed described by variant Lyapunov exponents
  • Backward Whirl Phenomena in a Jeffcott Rotor System with a Breathing Crack Model
  • Proper and Smooth Orthogonal Decompositions for Detection of Inner Race Defects in Rolling Element Bearings with Variable Rotational Speeds
  • Effect of the compliance of the part on the double-turning process
  • Effect of the regenerative and frictional force on chatter in turning process
  • Noise-induced transitions and resonances in a delayed triple-well potential system
  • Application of the second dimension reduction method in nonlinear rotor dynamic system
  • Vibration analysis of washing machines in the drum plane
  • Nonlinear model for wear effects in hydrodynamic bearings applied to rotating systems
  • Index.