Synchrotron Light Sources and Free-Electron Lasers [E-Book] : Accelerator Physics, Instrumentation and Science Applications / edited by Eberhard Jaeschke, Shaukat Khan, Jochen R. Schneider, Jerome B. Hastings.
Hastings, Jerome B., (editor)
Jaeschke, Eberhard, (editor) / Khan, Shaukat, (editor) / Schneider, Jochen R., (editor)
Cham : Springer, 2020
1400 pages 200 illustrations in color (online resource)
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Table of Contents:
  • Accelerator Physics
  • Physics of Synchrotron Radiation
  • Introduction to High-Gain FEL Theory
  • Seeding the Harmonic Generation in Free Electron Lasers
  • Ultrashort Pulses from Synchrotron Radiation Sources
  • Terahertz Radiation Sources
  • Facility Design
  • Storage Ring Design for Synchrotron Radiation Sources
  • Electron Linear Accelerator for X-Ray FEL
  • FLASH: The First Superconducting X-Ray FEL
  • Energy Recovery Linacs
  • Technology Basis
  • Integrated Muli-Magnet Systems
  • Superconduction RF: Enabling Technology for Modern Light Sources
  • Vacuum Systems for Synchrotron Light Sources and FELs
  • Electron Sources for Brilliant Light Sources
  • Shaping Photon Beams with Undulators and Wigglers
  • Control Systems, Operational Tools
  • Beam Instrumentation and Diagnostics
  • Orbit/Trajectory Control and Feedback
  • Beam Instabilities, Feedback Systems
  • Brilliant Light Sources Driven by Laser-Plasma Accelerators.