Handbook of Spintronics [E-Book] / edited by Yongbing Xu, David D. Awschalom, Junsaku Nitta.
Awschalom, David D., (editor)
Nitta, Junsaku, (editor) / Xu, Yongbing, (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 2020
Approx. 1700 pages (online resource)
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Over three volumes and 2000 pages, the Handbook of Spintronics will cover all aspects of spintronics science and technology, including fundamental physics, materials properties and processing, established and emerging device technology and applications.   Comprising 60 chapters from a large international team of leading researchers across academia and industry, the Handbook provides readers with an up-to-date and comprehensive review of this dynamic field of research.    The opening chapters focus on the fundamental physical principles of spintronics in metals and semiconductors, including an introduction to spin quantum computing.  Materials systems are then considered, with sections on metallic thin films and multilayers, magnetic tunnelling structures, hybrids, magnetic semiconductors and molecular spintronic materials.  A separate section reviews the various characterisation methods appropriate to spintronics materials, including STM, spin-polarised photoemission, x-ray diffraction techniques and spin-polarised SEM.   The third part of the Handbook contains chapters on the state of the art in device technology and applications, including spin valves, GMR and MTJ devices, MRAM technology, spin transistors and spin logic devices, spin torque devices, spin pumping and spin dynamics and other topics such as spin caloritronics.   Each chapter considers the challenges faced by researchers in that area and contains some indications of the direction that future work in the field is likely to take.  This reference work will be an essential and long-standing resource for the spintronics community.