Nanoscale Photonic Imaging [E-Book] / edited by Tim Salditt, Alexander Egner, D. Russell Luke.
Egner, Alexander, (editor)
Luke, D. Russell, (editor) / Salditt, Tim, (editor)
1st edition 2020.
Cham : Springer, 2020
XXII, 634 pages 241 illustrations, 209 illustrations in color (online resource)
Topics in Applied Physics ; 134
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Table of Contents:
  • Part I: Fundamentals and Tutorials
  • Basic Knowledge in STED Nanoscopy (A. Egner, C. Geisler, and R. Siegmund)
  • Basic Knowledge in Coherent X-ray Imaging (T. Salditt, A.-L. Robisch)
  • Basic Knowledge: X-ray Focusing & Optics (T. Salditt and M. Osterhoff)
  • Statistical Foundations of Nanoscale Photonic Imaging (A. Munk, T. Staudt, and F. Werner)
  • Inverse Problems (T. Hohage, B. Sprung, and F. Weidling)
  • Proximal Methods for Image Processing (D. R. Luke)
  • Part II: Progress and Perspectives
  • Quantifying the Number of Molecules in STED/RESOLFT Nanoscopy (J. Keller-Findeisen, S. Sahl, and S. W. Hell)
  • Metal-Induced Energy Transfer Imaging (A. I. Chizhik, and J. Enderlein)
  • Reversibly Switchable Fluorescent Proteins for RESOLFT Nanoscopy (N. A. Jensen, I. Jansen, M. Kamper, and S. Jakobs)
  • A Statistical and Biophysical Toolbox to Elucidate Structure and Formation of Stress Fibers (B. Eltzner, L. Hauke, S. Huckemann, F. Fehfeldt, and C. Wollnik)
  • Photonic Imaging with Statistical Guarantees: From Multiscale Testing to Multiscale Estimation (A. Munk, K. Proksch, H. Li, and F. Werner)
  • Efficient, Quantitative Numerical Methods for Statistical Image Deconvolution and Denoising (D. R. Luke, C. Charitha, R. Shefi, and Y. Malitsky)
  • Holographic Imaging and Tomography of Biological Cells and Tissues (T. Salditt, and M. Töpperwien)
  • Constrained Reconstructions in X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging: Uniqueness, Stability and Algorithms (S. Maretzke, T. Hohage)
  • Scanning Small-Angle X-ray Scattering and Coherent X-ray Imaging of Cells (T. Salditt and S. Köster)
  • Single Particle Imaging with FEL using Photon Correlations (B. von Ardenne and H. Grubmüller)
  • Development of Ultrafast X-ray Free Electron Laser Tools in (Bio)Chemical Research (S. Techert, S. Thekku Veedu, S. Bari)
  • Polarization-sensitive Coherent Diffractive Imaging Using HHG (S. Zayko, O. Kfir, and C. Ropers)
  • Nonlinear Light Generation in Localized Fields Using Gases and Tailored Solids (M. Sivis and C. Ropers)
  • Wavefront and Coherence Characteristics of Extreme UV and Soft X-ray Sources (B. Schäfer, B. Flöter, T. Mey, and K. Mann)
  • Laboratory-scale Soft X-ray Source for Microscopy and Absorption Spectroscopy (M. Müller and K. Mann)
  • Multilayer Zone Plates for Hard X-ray Imaging (M. Osterhoff and H.-U. Krebs)
  • Convergence Analysis of Iteraive Algorithms for Phase Retrieval (D. R. Luke and A.-L. Martins)
  • One-Dimensional Discrete-Time Phase Retrieval (R. Beinert and G. Plonka).