Innovative Energetic Materials: Properties, Combustion Performance and Application [E-Book] / edited by WeiQiang Pang, Luigi T. DeLuca, Alexander A. Gromov, Adam S. Cumming.
Cumming, Adam S., (editor)
DeLuca, Luigi T., (editor) / Gromov, Alexander A., (editor) / Pang, WeiQiang, (editor)
1st edition 2020.
Singapore : Springer, 2020
XXII, 547 pages 281 illustrations, 190 illustrations in color (online resource)
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Table of Contents:
  • High-energy solid propellants for the next generation development GAP/AND/AlH3: a comprehensive review of innovative energetic materials
  • Combustion and application of energetic nano thermite in solid propellant
  • Ignition and combustion behavior of innovative energetic materials: CL-20 in composite solid propellants
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of Agglomeration phenomena in combustion of aluminized composite solid propellant
  • Combustion performance of Solid Rocket Propellants Containing TKX-50
  • Condensed combustion production of energetic materials in solid rocket propellant
  • Ignition of Energetic Materials - A review of our recent theoretical and experimental
  • Deaggloneration and incapsulation of metal and bimetal nanoparticles for energetic applications
  • Method of model agglomerates and its application to study the combustion mechanisms of Al, Ti, Al+B particles
  • Application of innovative energetic materials-ADN in solid rocket propellant
  • Nitrogen - rich materials in gun propellant applications
  • Combustion features of energetic metal fuels in solid and hybrid propulsion
  • Ignition and combustion of high-energy materials.