Electricity Supply Systems of the Future [E-Book] / edited by Nikos Hatziargyriou, Iony Patriota de Siqueira.
Hatziargyriou, Nikos, (editor)
de Siqueira, Iony Patriota, (editor)
1st edition 2020.
Cham : Springer, 2020
X, 664 pages 359 illustrations, 325 illustrations in color (online resource)
Compact Studies
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Rotating Electrical Machines
  • Power Transformers and Reactors
  • Transmission and Distribution Equiemtn
  • Insulated Cables
  • Overhead Lines
  • Substations and Electrical Installations
  • DC Systems and Power Electronics
  • Protection and Automation
  • Power System Development and Economics
  • Power System Operation and Control
  • System Environmental Performance
  • Power System Technical Performance
  • Markets and Regulation
  • Distributed Energy Resources and Active Distribution Systems
  • Materials and Emerging Test Techniques
  • Information Systems and Telecommunications.