Precision Machines [E-Book] / edited by Zhuangde Jiang, Shuming Yang.
Jiang, Zhuangde, (editor)
Yang, Shuming, (editor)
1st edition 2020.
Singapore : Springer, 2020
437 illustrations, 278 illustrations in color. eReference (online resource)
Precision Manufacturing
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Structure design of precision machines
  • Design of tools and grinding wheels
  • Design of precision spindles
  • Design of precision linear drives
  • Design of precision rotary drives
  • Manufacture and assembly technology of precision machines
  • Manufacture by precision lathes and turning centers
  • Manufacture by precision milling machines
  • Manufacture by precision grinding machines
  • Manufacture by precision lapping and polishing machines
  • Performance characterization of precision machines
  • Control systems for precision machines
  • Measurement technology for precision machines.-Environmental control and compensation for precision machines.