General Model Independent Searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model [E-Book] / by Saranya Samik Ghosh, Thomas Hebbeker, Arnd Meyer, Tobias Pook.
Ghosh, Saranya Samik. (author)
Hebbeker, Thomas, (author) / Meyer, Arnd, (author) / Pook, Tobias, (author)
1st edition 2020.
Cham : Springer, 2020
X, 70 pages 19 illustrations, 18 illustrations in color (online resource)
SpringerBriefs in Physics
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Present Status of Theory
  • Concept of Model Independent Search for New Physics
  • Model Independent Searches at Past Experiments
  • The Status of Model Independent Searches in Current Experiments, at the LHC
  • Outlook and Scope of Model Independent Searches in the Future
  • Summary and Conclusions.