Proceedings of the IV Advanced Ceramics and Applications Conference [E-Book] / edited by Bill Lee, Rainer Gadow, Vojislav Mitic.
Gadow, Rainer, (editor)
Lee, Bill, (editor) / Mitic, Vojislav, (editor)
1st edition 2017.
Paris : Atlantis Press, 2017
XI, 528 pages 331 illustrations, 209 illustrations in color (online resource)
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Table of Contents:
  • 1.Flash sintering of ceramics: a short review
  • 2.Ceramic Matrix Composites for High Performance Friction Applications
  • 3.Functional Particulated Ionic Liquid-Based Silica Microcapsules
  • 4.Reducing Losses in Magnetic Thin Films Through Nanoscale Surface Patterning
  • 5.Contemporary Political and Religious Extremists as Destroyers of Ancient Artistic Heritage
  • 6.Pumps to save life in cardiac failure
  • 7.Application of Ceramic Nanoparticles for Near Infrared Bioimaging
  • 8.Contemporary aspects of joint arthroplasties and role of ceramics
  • 9.Contemporary dental ceramics
  • 10.Intelligent Nanomaterials For Medicine Diagnostic And Therapy Application
  • 11.Environmental impact of tributyl-tin biocides on coastal marine systems in the NE Adriatic sea
  • 12.Microwave electro ceramic based on magnesium titanates compounds
  • 13.Structural, electrical conduction and dielectric studies of mechano-synthesized manganese nanoferrite
  • 14.Towards Electronic Materials Fractal Theory
  • 15.Study of Nanodimensional Spinel ni0.5zn0.5fe2o4 Ferrite Prepared by Mechanochemical Synthesis
  • 16.Off-resonant Raman spectroscopy of ZnS quantum dots
  • 17.Influence of preparation method on SOP modes in ZnO doped with CoO nanoparticles
  • 18.Structural Properties of Cu - Se - CuSe2 Thin Films
  • 19.Mobile platform usage in creating conservation and restoration documentation
  • 20.Jewelry as Specific form of Spiritual and Material Culture.