Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region, RAAD 2017 / edited by Carlo Ferraresi, Giuseppe Quaglia.
Ferraresi, Carlo, (editor)
Quaglia, Giuseppe, (editor)
1st edition 2018.
Cham : Springer, 2018
XIX, 1047 pages 621 illustrations (online resource)
Mechanisms and Machine Science ; 49
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Table of Contents:
  • Robot kinematics and dynamics
  • Comparative Analysis of Quasi-differential Approaches in Inverse Kinematics, by Bertalan Csanádi, János F. Bitó, Imre J. Rudas, József Tar
  • A Novel Single-Loop Decoupled Schoenflies-Motion Generator: Concept and Kinematics Analysis, by Raffaele Di Gregorio
  • A comparative study of three manipulator performance measures, by Vassilis Moulianitis, Eleftherios Katrantzis, Nikos Stravopodis, Nikos Aspragathos
  • Analysis of constraint singularities of a 2-dof spatial parallel mechanism, by Stefano Mauro, Gabriele Biondi
  • Central active mechanism for unmanned space docking , by Stefano Mauro, Tharek Mohtar, Stefano Pastorelli, Massimo Sorli
  • On the mechatronic design of a low-cost 6-DoFs parallel kinematic manipulator, by Hermes Giberti, Enrico Fiore
  • Behaviour-based Inverse Kinematics Solver on FPGA, by Alexander Köpper, Berns Karsten
  • A novel reconfigurable 3-URU parallel platform, by Luca Carbonari, David Corinaldi, Matteo Palpacelli, Giacomo Palmieri, Massimo Callegari
  • Mechatronic Design and Control of a 3-RPS Parallel Manipulator, by Giorgio Figliolini, Chiara Lanni, Rea Pierluigi, Tommaso Gallinelli
  • Control, identification and calibration of robotic systems
  • Force Analysis for the Impact Between a Rod and Granular Material, by Dorian Cojocaru, Dan Marghitu, Hamid Ghaednia, Memduh Arsalan
  • Cooperative Distance Measurement for an Anti-aircraft Battery, by Karol Dobrovodský, Pavel Andris
  • Collision Avoidance of Robots by Artificial Force Field around Geometric Primitives using two Range Image Sensors, by Christian Thormann, Alexander Winkler
  • Using Compliancy for Autonomous Execution of Path Following Tasks, by Leon Žlajpah, Nejc Likar
  • Study concerning a robotic system with Matlab/OpenCV post-processing, by Victor Constantin, Ciprian Ion Rizescu, Mihai Ciocan, Dana Rizescu
  • Output Control of a Class of Hyper-redundant Robots, by Mircea Ivanescu, Mircea Nitulescu, Dong Hai Nguyen, Mihaela Florescu
  • Using virtual sensors in industrial manipulators for service algorithms like payload checking, by Marina Indri, Stefano Trapani
  • Robust Motion Control of a Soft Robotic System Using Fractional Order Control, by Bastian Deutschmann, Christian Ott, Concepcion A. Monje, Carlos Balaguer
  • FloBaRoID - A Software Package for the Identification of Robot Dynamics Parameters, by Stefan Bethge, Jörn Malzahn, Nikos Tsagarakis, Darwin Caldwell
  • Implementation of a fractional-order control for robotic applications, by Luca Bruzzone, Vittorio Belotti, Pietro Fanghella
  • Real-time Computation of Inexact Minimum-Energy Trajectories Using Parametric Sensitivities, by Alexander Reiter, Hubert Gattringer, Andreas Mueller
  • Sensor-based loops and branches for playback-programmed robot systems, by Michael Riedl, Eric Mathias Orendt, Dominik Henrich
  • On Latencies and Noise Effects in Vision-Based Control of Mobile Robots, by Mohammad M. Aref, Juho Vihonen, Reza Ghabcheloo, Jouni Mattila
  • A Novel Method for Geometric Robot Calibration Using Laser Pointer and Cameras, by Hubert Gattringer, Matthias Neubauer, Dominik Kaserer, Andreas Mueller
  • Redundant Robotic Manipulator Path Planning for Real-Time Obstacle and Self-Collision Avoidance, by Tuomo Kivelä, Jouni Mattila, Jussi Puura, Sirpa Launis
  • A Low-cost Experimental Device for Compliant Physical Human-Robot Interaction, by Dániel Rácz, Mátyás Takács, Péter Galambos, János Somló
  • Using spring-damper elements to support human-like push recovery motions, by Ruth Malin Kopitzsch, Katja Mombaur
  • Validation of Relevant Parameters of Sensitive Manipulators for Human-Robot Collaboration, by David Kirschner, Andreas Schlotzhauer, Mathias Brandstötter, Michael Hofbaur
  • Optimization-based methods for planning and control of environment-aware robotic systems
  • Preliminary design of an electropneumatic automatic machine for herbaceous grafting, by Guido Belforte, Gabriella Eula, Terenziano Raparelli, Silvia Sirolli, Pietro Piccarolo, Paolo Gay, Davide Ricauda, Lorenzo Comba
  • A Falling Motion Strategy for Humanoids Based on Motion Primitives of Human Falling, by Libo Meng, Zhangguo Yu, Weimin Zhang, Xuechao Chen, Marco Ceccarelli, Qiang Huang
  • Legged robot strategies for climbing stairs, by Mircea Nitulescu, Mircea Ivanescu, Sorin Manoiu-Olaru, Dong Hai Nguyen Van
  • Kinematic Path Control of a Redundant Robot Arm in Sliding Mode, by Evgeniy Krastev
  • Precise Positioning of a Robotic Arm Manipulator Using Stereo Computer Vision and Iterative Learning, by Kaloyan Yovchev, Denis Chikurtev, Nayden Chivarov, Nedko Shivarov
  • A Receding Horizon Push Recovery Strategy for Balancing the iCub Humanoid Robot, by Stefano Dafarra, Francesco Romano, Francesco Nori
  • Neural Networks for Real-Time, Probabilistic Obstacle Detection, by Tobias Werner, Josua Bloeß, Dominik Henrich
  • Vision systems
  • Cloud Robot Vision Services Extend High-performance Computing Capabilities of Robot Systems, by Florin Daniel Anton, Theodor Borangiu, Silvia Anton, Silviu Raileanu
  • A robotic 3D vision system for automatic cranial prostheses inspection, by Maria Cristina Valigi, Silvia Logozzo, Gabriele Canella
  • Automated, Depth Sensor Based Object Detection and Path Planning for Robot-Aided 3D Scanning, by Jakob Ziegler, Hubert Gattringer, Dominik Kaserer, Andreas Mueller
  • Collision Avoidance System for Collaborative Robotics, by Stefano Mauro, Leonardo Sabatino Scimmi, Stefano Pastorelli
  • Mobile robots and path planning design and construction of a demonstrative Heritagebot Platform, by Marco Ceccarelli, Daniele Cafolla, Matteo Russo, Giuseppe Carbone
  • Estimation of the Traversal Time for a Fleet of Industrial Transport Robots, by Clemens Mühlbacher, Gerald Steinbauer, Stephan Gspandl, Micheal Reip
  • Adapting Edge Weights for Optimal Paths in a Navigation Graph, by Clemens Mühlbacher, Gerald Steinbauer, Stephan Gspandl, Micheal Reip
  • Advanced Modelling Techniques for Flexible Robotic Systems, by Mariapaola D'Imperio, Cristiano Pizzamiglio, Daniele Ludovico, Giancarlo Genta, Darwin Caldwell, Ferdinando Cannella
  • Autonomous Mobile Manipulation using ROS, by Heiko Engemann, Patrick Wiesen, Stephan Kallweit, Harshavardhan Deshpande
  • Automation and robotics for vehicles
  • Team of Pneumatic ASi-controlled Climber Robots for Ships Inspection, by Enrico Ravina
  • Elasto-kinematic characteristics of Car Sus-pensions with magnetorheological bushings, by Renato Brancati, Giandomenico Di Massa, Ernesto Rocca, Cesare Rossi, Sergio Savino, Francesco Timpone
  • Delay-dependent criteria for robust lateral stability control of articulated vehicles, by Mojtaba Sharifzadeh, arash farnam, Adolfo Senatore, Francesco Timpone, Ahmad Akbari
  • Comparison of modelling tools for the assessment of the parameters of driving assistance solutions, by Flavio Farroni, Guido Fusco, Luigi Pariota, Sebastian Rosario Pastore, Aleksandr Sakhnevych, Francesco Timpone
  • Modeling, Simulation and Control of a 4WD Electric Vehicle with In-Wheel Motors, by Raffaele Iervolino, Aleksandr Sakhnevych
  • Path Tracking Control for Autonomous Driving Applications, by Antonio Tota, mauro velardocchia, Levent Guvenc
  • UAV: Innovation and new application fields in the future
  • Electromagnetic characterization of installed antennas through UAVs, by Irene Aicardi, Pietro Bolli, Andrea Lingua, Fabio Paonessa, Marco Piras,Giuseppe Virone
  • Remote Sensing from RPAS in Agriculture: an Overview of Expectations and Unanswered Questions, by Enrico Borgogno Mondino
  • A Self-adapting Method for 3D Environment Exploration Inspired by Swarm Behaviour, by Jan Zelenka, tomas kasanicky, Ivana Budinska
  • Analysis & Modelling of Powertrain Components for an Efficient UAV Design, by Mario Silvagni, Marcello Chiaberge, Federico Tessari
  • Camera Selection and Flight Planning for Post Processing 3D Reconstruction Automatization, by Mario Silvagni, Marcello Chiaberge, Osman Abdalla Sidahmed Osman
  • A modular Cloud Robotics architecture for data management and mission handling of Unmanned Robotic Services, by Marcello Chiaberge, Mario Silvagni, Claudio Sanguedolce, Gianluca Dara
  • Application of an inspection robot composed by collaborative terrestrial and aerial modules for an operation in agriculture, by Roberto Grassi, Rea Pierluigi, Erika Ottaviano, Paolo Maggiore
  • Industrial applications
  • Airbrush robotic painting system: experimental validation of a colour spray
  • model, by Lorenzo Scalera, Enrico Mazzon, Paolo Gallina, Alessandro Gasparetto
  • Spring design for motor torque reduction in articulated mechanisms, by Paolo Boscariol, Giovanni Boschetti, Paolo Gallina, Chiara Passarini
  • A robotic design for a MIM based technology, by Hermes Giberti, Luca Sbaglia
  • Robust One-Shot Robot Programming by Demonstration using Entity-based Resources, by Eric Mathias Orendt, Michael Riedl, Dominik Henrich
  • The "Robot Mechanics" course experience at Politecnico di Milano, by Hermes Giberti, Enrico Fiore
  • Mechatronic Design and Prototype of a 4-DOFs Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutting Machine, by Giorgio Figliolini, Rea Pierluigi, Carlo Cocomello
  • Robotic grippers
  • Development of a NEMS-Technology based Nano Gripper, by Andrea Veroli, Alessio Buzzin, Rocco Crescenzi, Fabrizio Frezza, Giampiero de Cesare, Vito D'Andrea, Francesco Mura, Matteo Verotti, Alden Dochshanov, Nicola Pio Belfiore
  • A 3-Finger Robotic Gripper for Grasping Fabrics Based on Cams-Followers Mechanism, by Panagiotis Koustoumpardis, Sotiris Smyrnis, Nikos Aspragathos
  • Experimental results for QuBu Gripper: a 3-Jaw electric gripper, by Luca Girolamo Butera, Giuseppe Quaglia
  • Experimental evaluation and comparison of low-cost adaptive mechatronic grippers, by Giovanni Carabin, Ilaria Palomba, Dominik Matt, Renato Vidoni
  • The experience at University of L'Aquila on shape memory alloys actuators, by Francesco Durante, Pierluigi Beomonte Zobel, Terenziano Raparelli
  • Humanoids & cognitive sys.