Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Tunnel-Coupled Superfluids [E-Book] : Relaxation to a Phase-Locked Equilibrium State in a One-Dimensional Bosonic Josephson Junction / by Marine Pigneur.
Pigneur, Marine, (author)
1st edition 2020.
Cham : Springer, 2020
XX, 187 pages 103 illustrations, 38 illustrations in color (online resource)
Springer Theses, Recognizing Outstanding Ph.D. Research
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Experimental Setup and Measurement of the Observables
  • Relaxation of the Josephson Oscillations in a 1D-BJJ
  • Transition to a Relaxation-Free Regime
  • Outlook: Consequence of a Relaxation on the Splitting of a 1D Bose Gas.