Coulomb's memoir on statics : an essay in the history of civil engineering [E-Book] / Jacques Heyman.
Heyman, Jacques. (author)
Coulomb, C. A.
London : Imperial College Press ; 1997
Distributed by World Scientific,
1 online resource (viii, 211 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. The ESSAI. Notes
  • 2. Coulomb's references. Gregory. Amontons. Bossut. Musschenbroek. Euler. James Bernoulli. La Hire. Belidor
  • 3. The strength and stiffness of beams. The strength of beams (1). Coulomb's Essai. The strength of beams (2). Navier and Saint-Venant. The stiffness of beams
  • 4. Coulomb's equation. The Mohr-Coulomb criterion. Upper bounds from velocity fields. Coulomb's material tests
  • 5. The thrust of soil. Coulomb's problem (1); c = o. Coulomb's problem (2); (c,[symbol]). The stability of a vertical cut (1);[symbol] = 0. The stability of a vertical cut (2); (c,[symbol]). Thrust against a rough retaining wall; c = o. Drucker's theorems. Nineteenth-century work. Sokolovskii. Critical state theory
  • 6. The thrust of arches. The plastic theorems applied to masonry. Eighteenth-century work (1). Couplet. Eighteenth-century work (2). Coulomb and Bossut. The nineteenth century and later. Scholium
  • 7. Some historical notes. Technical education in France. Coulomb's early life. The Essai. Coulomb's later life.