Latest advances in atomic cluster collisions : fission, fusion, electron, ion and photon impact [E-Book] / edited by Jean-Patrick Connerade, Andrey V. Solov'yov.
Connerade, J. P.
Solov'yov, Andrey V.
London : Imperial College Press ; 2004
Distributed by World Scientific,
1 online resource (xiv, 382 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Atomic cluster science: introductory notes /
  • A. V. Solov'yov, J. P. Connerade, W. Greiner
  • Confined atoms in bubbles, clusters, fullerenes, quantum dots and solids /
  • J. P. Connerade, P. Kengkan
  • Simulation of melting and ionization potential of metal clusters /
  • M. Manninen, K. Manninen, A. Rytkonen
  • New approach to density functional theory and description of spectra of finite electron systems /
  • M. Ya. Amusia, A. Z. Msezane, V. R. Shaginyan
  • Ab Initio calculations and modelling of atomic cluster structure /
  • I. A. Solov'yov, A. Lyalin, A. V. Solov'yov, W. Greiner
  • Electric and magnetic orbital modes in spherical and deformed metal clusters /
  • V. O. Nesterenko, W. Kleinig, P.-G. Reinhard
  • Geometric structure and dynamics of mixed clusters and biomolecules /
  • M. Broyer, R. Antoine, I. Compagnon, D. Rayane, P. Dugourd
  • Cluster studies in ion traps /
  • L. Schweikhard, A. Herlert, G. Marx, K. Hansen
  • Study of delocalized electron clouds by photoionization of fullerenes in Fourier reciprocal space /
  • S. Korica, A. Reinkoster, U. Becker
  • Jellium model for photoionization of fullerenes /
  • V. K. Ivanov, G. Yu. Kashenock, R. G. Polozkov, A. V. Solov'yov
  • Photoabsorption of small sodium and magnesium clusters /
  • I. A. Solov'yov, A. V. Solov'yov, W. Greiner
  • Multiphoton excitation of plasmons in clusters /
  • A. V. Solov'yov, J.-P. Connerade
  • Exotic fission processes in nuclear physics /
  • W. Greiner, T. J. Burvenich
  • Effects of ionic cores in small rare gas clusters : positive and negative charges /
  • C. Di Paola, I. Pino, E. Scifoni, F. Sebastianelli, F. A. Gianturco
  • Metal cluster fission : jellium model and molecular dynamics simulations /
  • A. Lyalin, O. Obolensky, I. A. Solov'yov, A. V. Solov'yov, W. Greiner
  • Multifragmentation, clustering, and coalescence in nuclear collisions /
  • S. Scherer, H. Stocker
  • Dynamics of multiple evaporation in the mixed atomic Ar[subscript 6]Ne[subscript 7] cluster /
  • P. Parneix, Ph. Brechignac
  • Low-energy electron attachment to Van der Waals clusters /
  • I. I. Fabrikant, H. Hotop
  • Plasmon excitations in electron collisions with metal clusters and fullerenes /
  • A. V. Solov'yov
  • Photoionization of Alkali nanoparticles and clusters /
  • K. Wong, V. V. Kresin
  • Magnetic excitations induced by projectile in ferromagnetic cluster /
  • R.-J. Tarento, P. Joyes, R. Lahreche, D. E. Mekki
  • Collision and laser induced dynamics of molecules and clusters /
  • R. Schmidt, T. Kunert, M. Uhlmann
  • Probing the dynamics of ionization processes in clusters /
  • A. W. Castleman, Jr., T. E. Dermota
  • Clusters in intense laser fields /
  • Ch. Siedschlag, U. Saalmann, J. M. Rost
  • Learning about clusters by teaching lasers to control them /
  • A. Lindinger, A. Bartelt, C. Lupulescu, M. Plewicki, L. Woste
  • Collision of metal clusters with simple molecules : adsorption and reaction /
  • M. Ichihashi, T. Kondow
  • Stability and fragmentation of highly charged fullerene clusters /
  • B. Manil, L. Maunoury, B. A. Huber, J. Jensen, H. T. Schmidt, H. Zettergren, H. Cederquist, S. Tomita, P. Hvelplund
  • Fullerene collision and ionization dynamics /
  • E. E. B. Campbell
  • Multiple ionization and fragmentation of C[subscript 60] in collisions with fast ions /
  • N. M. Kabachnik, A. Reinkoster, U. Werner, H. O. Lutz
  • Electron and ion impact on fullerene ions /
  • D. Hathiramani, H. Brauning, R. Trassl, E. Salzborn, P. Scheier, A. A. Narits, L. P. Presnyakov
  • Collisions of electrons and photons with supported atoms, supported clusters and solids : changes in electronic properties /
  • V. M. Mikoushkin, S. Yu. Nikonov, V. V. Shnitov, Yu. S. Gordeev
  • Deposition and STM observation of size-selected platinum clusters on silicon(111)-7x7 surface /
  • H. Yasumatsu, T. Hayakawa, S. Koizumi, T. Kondow
  • Silicon cluster lattice system (CLS) formed on an amorphous carbon surface by supersonic cluster beam irradiation /
  • M. Muto, M. Oki, Y. Iwata, H. Yamauchi, H. Matsuhata, S. Okayama, Y. Ikuhara, T. Iwamoto, T. Sawada.