Proceedings of the 4th Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference : Taipei, Taiwan, 13-16 February 2006 [E-Book] / editors, Tao Jiang ... [et al.].
Jiang, Tao
London : Imperial College Press ; 2006
Distributed by World Scientific,
1 online resource (xii, 363 pages)
Series on advances bioinformatics and computational biology ; 3
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Table of Contents:
  • On the Inference of Regulatory Elements, Circuits and Modules/
  • Wen-Hsiung Li
  • Automating the Search for Lateral Gene Transfer/
  • Mark A. Ragan
  • Whole Genome Optical Mapping/
  • Michael S. Waterman
  • Accuracy of Four Heuristics for the Full Sibship Reconstruction Problem in the Presence of Genotype Errors/
  • D.A. Konovalov
  • Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks from Microarray Data: A Fuzzy Logic Approach/
  • P.C.H. Ma & K.C.C. Chan
  • System Identification and Robustness Analysis of the Circadian Regulatory Network via Microarray Data in Arabidopsis Thaliana/
  • C.W. Li, W.C. Chang, & B.S. Chen
  • Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction with WOLF PSORT/
  • P. Horton, K.-J. Park, T. Obayashi, & K. Nakai
  • Predicting Ranked SCOP Domains by Mining Associations of Visual Contents in Distance Matrices/
  • P.-H. Chi & C.-R. Shyu
  • RECOMP: A Parsimony-Based Method for Detecting Recombination/
  • D. Ruths & L. Nakhleh
  • AlignScope: A Visual Mining Tool for Gene Team Finding with Whole Genome Alignment/
  • H.-J. Jin, H.-J. Kim, J.-H. Choi, & H.-G. Cho
  • An Efficient Algorithm for String Motif Discovery/
  • F.Y.L. Chin & H.C.M. Leung
  • Discriminative Detection of Cis-Acting Regulatory Variation from Location Data/
  • Y. Kawada & Y. Sakakibara
  • On the Complexity of Finding Control Strategies for Boolean Networks/
  • T. Akutsu, M. Hayashida, W.-K. Ching, & M.K. Ng
  • Characterization of Multi-Charge Mass Spectra for Peptide Sequencing/
  • K.F. Chong, K. Ning, H.W. Leong, & P. Pevzner
  • EDAM: An Efficient Clique Discovery Algorithm with Frequency Transformation for Finding Motifs/
  • Y. Ma, G. Wang, Y. Li, & Y. Zhao
  • A Recursive Method for Solving Haplotype Fkequencies in Multiple Loci Linkage Analysis/
  • M.K. Ng, E.S. Fung, W.-K. Ching, & Y.-F. Lee
  • Trends in Codon and Amino Acid Usage in Human Pathogen Tropheryma Whipplei, the Only Known Actinobacteria with Reduced Genome/
  • S. Das, S. Paul, & C. Dutta
  • Consequences of Mutation, Selection and Physico-Chemical Properties of Encoded Proteins on Synonymous Codon Usage in Adenoviruses/
  • S. Paul, S. Das, & C. Dutta
  • Microarray Missing Value Imputation by Iterated Local Least Squares/
  • Z. Cai, M. Heydari, & G. Lin
  • Property-Dependent Analysis of Aligned Proteins from Two Or More Populations/
  • S. Thorvaldsen, E. Ytterstad, & T. Flb
  • A Generalized Output-Coding Scheme with SVM for Multiclass Microarray Classification/
  • L. Shen & E.C. Tan
  • Techniques for Assessing Phylogenetic Branch Support: A Performance Study/
  • D. Ruths & L. Nakhleh
  • Analyzing Inconsistency Toward Enhancing Integration of Biological Molecular Databases/
  • P.P. Chen & Q. Chen
  • A Novel Approach for Structured Consensus Motif Inference Under Specificity and Quorum Constraints/
  • C. Sinoquet
  • A Randomized Algorithm for Learning Mahalanobis Metrics:Application to Classification and Regression of Biological Data/
  • C. J. Langmead
  • Disentangling the Role of Tetranucleotides in the Sequence-Dependence of DNA Conformation: A Molecular Dynamics Approach/
  • M.J. Ara6zo-Bravo, S. Fujii, H. Kono, & A. Sarai
  • A New Neural Network for B-Turn Prediction: The Effect of Site-Specific Amino Acid Preference/
  • Z.-R. Xie & M.-J. Hwang
  • Identification of Over-Represented Combinations of Transcription Factor Binding Sites in Sets of Co-Expressed Genes/
  • S.-S. Huang, D.L. Fulton, D.J. Arenillas, P. Perco, S.J.H. Sui, J.R. Mortimer, & W.W. Wasserman
  • A Knowledge-Based Approach to Protein Local Structure Prediction/
  • C.-T. Chen, H.-N. Lin, K.-P. Wu, T.-Y. Sung, & W.-L. Hsu
  • Identification of MicroRNA Precursors via SVM/
  • L.H. Yang, W. Hsu, M.L. Lee, & L. Wong
  • Genome-Wide Computational Analysis of Small Nuclear RN A Genes of Oyza Sativa (Indica and Japonica)/
  • M Shashikanth, A. Snehalatharani, S.K. Mubarak, & K. Ulaganathan
  • Resolving the Gene Tree and Species Tree Problem by Phylogenetic Mining/
  • X. Han
  • Characterization of the Existence of Galled-Tree Networks (Extended Abstract)/
  • J. Maiiuch, X. Zhao, L. Stacho, & A. Gupta
  • Semi-Supervised Threshold Queries on Pharmacogenomics Time Sequences/
  • J. Assfalg, H.-P. Kriegel, P. Kroger, P. Kunath, A. Pryakhin, & M. Renz
  • Structure Based Chemical Shift Prediction Using Random Forests Non-Linear Regression/
  • K. Arun & C.J. Langmead
  • ONBIRES: Ontology-Based Biological Relation Extraction System/
  • M. Huang, X. Zhu, S. Ding, H. Yu, & M. Li
  • A More Accurate and Efficient Whole Genome Phylogeny/
  • P.Y. Chan, T.W. Lam, S.M. Yiu, & C.M. Liu
  • Gene Expression Data Clustering Based on Local Similarity Combination/
  • D. Pan & F. Wang.