Proceedings of the 3rd Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference : Institute for Infocomm Research (Singapore), 17-21 January 2005 [E-Book] / editors, Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen, Limsoon Wong.
Chen, Yi-Ping Phoebe.
Wong, Limsoon
London : Imperial College Press ; 2005
Distributed by World Scientific,
1 online resource (xiii, 384 pages)
Series on advances in bioinformatics and computational biology ; 1
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Table of Contents:
  • Allowing Mismatches in Anchors for Whole Genome Alignment: Generation and Effectiveness/
  • S.M. Yiu, P.Y. Chan, T.-W. Lam, W.-K. Sung, H.F. Ting, and P.W.H. Wong
  • A Better Gap Penalty for Pairwise-SVM/
  • H.N. Chua and W.-K. Sung
  • High Dimensional Indexing for Protein Structure Matching Using Bowties/
  • Z.H. Huang, X. Zhou, and D. Song
  • A Graph Database with Visual Queries for Genomics/
  • G. Butler, G. Wang, Y. Wang, and L. Zou
  • Improved Algorithms for Multiplex PCR Primer Set Selection with Amplification Length Constraints/
  • K.M. Konwar, 1.1. Mandoiu, A.C. Russell, and A.A. Shvartsman
  • Clique Based Algorithms for Protein Threading with Profiles and Constraints/
  • Dukka Bahadur K.C., E. Tomita, J. Suzuki, K. Horimoto, and T. Akutsu
  • Classification of Protein 3D Folds by Hidden Markov Learning on Sequences of Structural Alphabets/
  • S.-L. Wang, C.-M. Chen, and M.-J. Hwang
  • Consensus Fold Recognition by Predicted Model Quality/
  • J. Xu, L. Yu, and M. Li
  • Profiles and Fuzzy K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithms for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction/
  • R. Bondugula, 0. Duzlevski, and D. Xu
  • Protein Folding Trajectory Analysis using Patterned Clusters/
  • J. Feng, L. Parida, and R. Zhou
  • The Use of Functional Domains to Improve Transmembrane Protein Topology Prediction/
  • E.W. Xu, D.G. Brown, and P. Kearney
  • A Novel Method for Protein Subcellular Localization: Combining Residue-Couple Model and SVM/
  • J. Guo, Y. Lin, and Z. Sun
  • Detecting Residues in Targeting Peptides/
  • M. Boden and J. Hawkins
  • BLOMAP: An Encoding of Amino Acids Which Improves Signal Peptide Cleavage Site Prediction/
  • S. Maetschke, M. Towsey, and M. Boden
  • Cells In Silico (CIS): A Biomedical Simulation Framework Based on Markov Random Field/
  • K.-H. Liang
  • Toward Discovering Disease-Specific Gene Networks from Online Literature/
  • Z. Zhang, S. Tang, and S.-K. Ng
  • A New Regulatory Interactions Suggested by Simulations for Circadian Genetic Control Mechanism in Mammals/
  • H. Matsuno, S.-I. Inouye, Y. Okitsu, Y. F'ujii, and S. Miyano
  • PRIMA: Peptide Robust Identification from MS/MS Spectra/
  • J. Liu, B. Ma, and M. Li
  • SVM-RFE Peak Selection for Cancer Classification with Mass Spectrometry Data/
  • K. Duan, and J.C. Rajapakse
  • Hybrid Registration for Two-Dimensional Gel Protein Images/
  • X. Wang and D.D. Feng
  • Feature Dimension Reduction for Microarray Data Analysis Using Local Linear Embedding/
  • C. Shi and L. Chen
  • PLS and SVD Based Penalized Logistic Regression for Cancer Classification Using Microarray Data/
  • L. Shen and E.C. Tan
  • Genetic Algorithms and Silhouette Measures Applied to Microarray Data Classification/
  • T.-C. Lin, R.-S. Liu, S.-Y. Chen, C.-C. Liu, and C.-Y. Chen
  • Exact Algorithms for Motif Search/
  • S. Rajasekaran, S. Balla, C.-H. Huang, V. Thapar, M. Gryk, M. Maciejewski, and M. Schiller
  • Exact Algorithms for Planted Motif Challenge Problems/
  • S. Rajasekaran, S. Balla, and C.-H. Huang
  • Voting Algorithms for Discovering Long Motifs/
  • F.Y.L. Chin and H.C.M. Leung
  • A Highly Scalable Algorithm for the Extraction of Cis-Regulatory Regions/
  • A.M. Carvalho, A.T. Freitas, A.L. Oliveira and M.-F. Sagot
  • Modeling 5' Regions of Histone Genes Using Bayesian Networks/
  • R. Chowdhary, R.A Ali, and V.B. Bajic
  • Unique Peptide Prediction of RNase Family Sequences Based on Reinforced Merging Algorithms/
  • H.-T. Chang, T.-C. Fan, M.D.-T. Chang, T.-W. Pai, B.-H. Su, and P.-C. Wu
  • Bacterial Population Assay via K-Mer Analysis (Extended Abstract)/
  • D. Papamichail, S.S. Skiena, D. van der Lelie, and S.R. McCorkle
  • A Database to Aid Probe Design for Virus Identification/
  • F.-M. Lin, H.-D. Huang, Y.-C. Chang, P.-L. Chan, J.-T. Horng and M.-T. KO
  • A Support Vector Machine Approach for Prediction of T Cell Epitopes/
  • L. Huang and Y. Dai
  • Faster Solution to the Maximum Quartet Consistency Problem with Constraint Programming/
  • G. Wu, G. Lin, J.-H. You, and X. Wu
  • Inferring Phylogenetic Relationships Avoiding Forbidden Rooted Triplets/
  • Y.-J. He, T.N.D. Huynh, J. Jansson, and W.-K. Sung
  • An O(n2) Algorithm for Signed Translocation Problem/
  • L. Wang, D. Zhu, X. Liu, and S. Ma
  • Protein Informatics Towards Integration of Data Grid and Computing Grid/
  • H. Nakamura
  • Computing the Assignment of Orthologous Genes via Genome Rearrangement/
  • X. Chen, J. Zheng, Z. Fu, P. Nan, Y. Zhong, S. Lonardi, and T. Jiang
  • Comparison of Core Promoters in figu Rubripes and Human/
  • S.L. Tan, V. Choudhary, A. Christoffels, B. Venkatesh, and V.B. Bajic
  • Trends in Bioinformatics Research and How Singapore Is Playing A Role In It/
  • S.K. Mishra.