Advances in bioinformatics and its applications : proceedings of the International Conference : Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, 16-19 December 2004 [E-Book] / editors, Matthew He, Giri Narasimhan, Sergei Petoukhov.
He, Matthew.
Narasimhan, Giri. / Petukhov, S. V.
Singapore ; World Scientific, 2005
1 online resource (xv, 615 pages)
Series in mathematical biology and medicine ; 8
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Microarray analysis and regulatory networks. Microarray normalization using proportional abundance / S. A. Eschrich and C. A. Beam. Emerging pattern based subspace clustering of microarray gene expression data using mixture models / Y. B. Kim, J. H. Oh and J. Gao. Thermodynamic feasibility of metabolic networks / R. Nigam and S. Liang. Computational reconstruction of the carbon fixation pathway in Synechococcus sp. WH8102 / P. Dam ... [et al.]. Modular neural networks and their application in exon prediction / Y. Pan and C. W. Sensen. Gene definition in different databases and its implication in microarray data interpretation / P. Wang ... [et al.]. Exploring important issues in the implementation of gene set enrichment analysis / Y. Wang, S. J. Watson and F. Meng. Querying a database of regulatory elements / C. Yang ... [et al.]
  • 2. Machine learning and statistical analyses. Computational epidemiology : Bayesian disease surveillance / K. Abbas ... [et al.]. Non-equilibrium fluctuations in a stochastic planktonic model : periodicity of phytoplankton bloom / R. Bhattacharyya and B. Mukhopadhyay. Fuzzy decoding in profile hidden Markov models for protein family identification / N. P. Bidargaddi, M. Chetty and J. Kamruzzaman. Screening potential Allele-frequency disequilibrium in data from affymetrix gene expression arrays / M. Dai ... [et al.]. The application of self organizing maps for the analyses of DNA sequences / H. Dozono ... [et al.]. Gaussian kernel width generation for support vector clustering / S.-H. Lee and K. Daniels. Serum proteomic pattern analysis for early cancer detection / Y. Liu. A linear solution for haplotype perfect phylogeny problem (extended abstract) / Y. Liu and C.-Q. Zhang. In Silico biology : haplotype inference, linkage disequilibrium analysis, and microarray-based gene selection techniques / T. Niu. The role of feature redundancy in tumor classification / C. H. Ooi, M. Chetty and I. Gondal. Clustering of eukaryotic orthologs based on sequence and domain similiarities using the Markov graph-flow algorithm / H. Ozer ... [et al.]. Rapid drug target identification in microbial genomes - an in silico approach with special reference to salmonella species / K. R. Sakharkar ... [et al.]. A collimator neural network model for the classification of genetic data / M. S. B. Sehgal, I. Gondal and L. Dooley. Training set design for pattern discovery with applications to protein motif detection / Y. Sun ... [et al.]. Gene selection by weighted Fisher criterion for multiclass prediction / J. Xuan ... [et al.]. Sequential bifurcation approach to learning protein functional classes / M. Q. Yang, O. K. Ersoy and J. Y. Yang. Identification of contaminants in MALDI-TOF proteomics spectra via data mining / C.-Y. Yen, K. J. Cios and M. W. Duncan. Analysis of the effects of recombinant human Erythropoietin (EPO) on murine bone marrow populations using mixture modeling techniques / G. Zheng ... [et al.]. Discovery of local protein sequence motifs using improved K-means clustering technique / W. Zhong ... [et al.]
  • 3. Biomolecular sequence and structure analysis. Predicting and characterizing metal-binding sites using support vector machines / L. Bobadilla, F. Niño and G. Narasimhan. MTMM - a Matlab toolbox for macromolecular modeling / F. Cui, T. Bibi and Z. Wu. Stabbing balls and simplifying proteins / O. Daescu and J. Luo. Step-wise mutations of mRNA sequences lead to progressive changes in calculated folding free energies / D. Digby and W. Seffens. Aligning sequences with non-fffine gap penalty : plains algorithm, a practical implementation, and its biological applications in comparative genomics / O. Gill, Y. Zhou and B. Mishra. Using the length constraints of helix to evaluate protein secondary structure prediction for helix / J. He and Y. Lu. An algorithm for finding similarities in protein active sites / K. Kupas, A. Ultsch and G. Klebe. Parallel tempering in Rosetta practice / Y. Li, C. E. M. Strauss and A. Gorin. An application of association rule mining to HLA-A*0201 epitope prediction / T. Milledge, G. Zheng and G. Narasimhan. A two-way searching algorithm for de novo peptide sequencing via tandem mass spectrometry / J. H. Oh, Y. B. Kim and J. Gao. An algorithm for determining Giycan structures from MS/MS spectra / B. Shan ... [et al.]. Counting and enumeration of self-assembly pathways for symmetric macromolecular structures / M. Sitharam and M. Bóna. Improving multiple whole genomes alignment by considering rearrangement / J. Yang and J. S. Deogun. A filtering approach to splice site predictions in human genes / K. Yoon and S. Kwek. The construction of structural templates for the modeling of conserved protein domains / F. Zhang ... [et al.]
  • 4. Symmetry in sequences. Applications of hyper genetic code to bioinformatics / M. A. Jimenez-Montaño. A Dodecahedron-based model of spatial representation of the canonical set of amino acids / V. A. Karasev, V. V. Luchinin and V. E. Stefanov. Molecular mappings : group theory, coding theory, and the emergence of replication / D. A. MacDónaill. Symmetry and information in the genetic code / T. Negadi. The rules of degeneracy and segregations in genetic codes - the chronocyclic conception and parallels with Mendel's laws / S. V. Petoukhov. Symbolic coding of amino acid and nucleotide properties / N. S̮tambuk, P. Konjevoda and N. Gotovac. Analyzing patterns of tripeptides using statistical approach and neural network paradigms / R. Szabo ... [et al.]. Molecular versus atomic information logic behind the genetic coding contents constrained by two evolutionary axes and the Fibonacci-Lucas sequence / C. M. Yang
  • 5. Signal processing, image processing and visualization. Use of EEG recordings as valid measures of kinesthetic and visual imagery ability / J. G., Cremades ... [et al.]. The merits of the third dimension for visual analysis of multiple anatomy ontologies / A.-S. Dadzie and A. Burger. Localization of brain activation through integration of optical topography and magnetic resonance imaging / M. Mourad, M. Adjouadi and I. Yaylali. A distributed multimedia database visualization within an immersive environment for bioinformatics / P.-E. Gros ... [et al.].