Physical and numerical models in knot theory : including applications to the life sciences [E-Book] / editors, Jorge A. Calvo ... [et al.].
Calvo, Jorge Alberto
Singapore ; World Scientific, 2005
1 online resource (xix, 606 pages)
K & E series on knots and everything ; 36
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Table of Contents:
  • On the theory of solid knots /
  • Otto Krotenheerdt and Sigrid Veit (translated by Ted Ashton)
  • A tutorial on knot energies /
  • E. J. Janse van Rensburg
  • Universal energy spectrum of tight knots and links in physics /
  • Roman V. Buniy and Thomas W. Kephart
  • Knot dynamics in a driven hanging chain: Experimental results /
  • Andrew Belmonte
  • Biarcs, global radius of curvature, and the computation of ideal knot shapes (4 color plates) /
  • M. Carlen, B. Laurie, J. H. Maddocks and J. Smutny
  • Knotted umbilical cords (2 color plates) /
  • Alain Goriely
  • Modelling DNA as a flexible thick polymer: DNA elasticity and packaging thermodynamics /
  • Cristian Micheletti and Davide Marenduzzo
  • Monte-Carlo simulations of gel-electrophoresis of DNA knots /
  • C. Weber, M. Fleurant, P. De Los Rios and G. Dietler
  • Atomic force microscopy of complex DNA knots /
  • F. Valle, M. Favre, J. Roca and G. Dietler
  • Protein folds, knots and tangles /
  • William R. Taylor
  • Tying down open knots: A statistical method for identifying open knots with applications to proteins (7 color plates)/
  • Kenneth C. Millett and Benjamin M. Sheldon
  • Scaling of the average crossing number in equilateral random walks, knots and proteins /
  • Akos Dobay, Jacques Dubochet, Andrzej Stasiak and Yuanan Diao
  • Folding complexity in a random-walk copolymer model /
  • Gustavo A. Arteca
  • Universal characteristics of polygonal knot probabilities /
  • Kenneth C. Millett and Eric J. Rawdon
  • The average crossing number of Gaussian random walks and polygons /
  • Yuanan Diao and Clam Ernst
  • Ropelength of tight polygonal knots /
  • Justyna Baransku, Piotr Pieranski and Eric J.Rawdon
  • A fast octree-based algorithm for computing ropelength /
  • Ted Ashton and Jason Cantarella
  • Topological entropic force between a pair of random knots forming a fixed link /
  • Tetsuo Deguchi
  • Under-knotted and over-knotted polymers: 1. Unrestricted loops /
  • Nathan T. Moore, Rhonald C. Lua and Alexander Yu. Grosberg
  • Under-knotted and over-knotted polymers: 2. Compact self-avoiding loops /
  • Rhonald C. h a , Nathan T. Moore and Alexander Yu. Grosberg
  • On the mean gyration radius and the radial distribution function of ring polymers with excluded volume under a topological constraint /
  • Miyuki K. Shimamura and Tetsuo Deguchi
  • Thermodynamics and topology of disordered knots. Correlations in trivial lattice knot diagrams /
  • S. K. Nechaev and O. A. Vasilyev
  • Generating large random knot projections /
  • Yuanan Diao, Claus Ernst and Uta Ziegler
  • Minimal flat knotted ribbons /
  • Louis H. Kauffman
  • Quadrisecants of knots with small crossing number /
  • Gyo Taek Jin
  • On the writhing number of a non-closed curve /
  • E. L. Starostin
  • On a mathematical model for thick surfaces /
  • Pawet Strzelecki and Heiko von del Mosel
  • Some ropelength-critical clasps /
  • John &I. Sullivan and Nancy C. Wrinkle
  • Remarks on Some Hyperbolic Invariants of 2-Bridge Knots /
  • Jim Hoste an,d Patrick D. Shanahan
  • Conjectures on the enumeration of alternating links /
  • Paul Zinn-Justin.