Fundamental physics with pulsed neutron beams : FPPNB-2000 : Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, 1-3 June 2000 [E-Book] / editors, Christopher R. Gould ... [et al.].
Gould, C. R.
Singapore ; World Scientific, 2001
1 online resource (xv, 243 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Spallation neutron source with emphasis on target systems / T. A. Gabriel
  • Overview of spallation neutron source physics / G. J. Russell ... [et al.]
  • The European spallation source project ESS, and its particle physics programme / D. Dubbers
  • Fundamental physics with neutrons at KEK-JAERI joint project / Y. Masuda
  • Neutron decay beyond the standard model / P. Herczeg
  • Hadronic parity-non-conservation with [symbol]S = 0 / B. Desplanques
  • Searching for T-violating, p-conserving new physics with neutrons / M. J. Ramsey-Musolf
  • PNC experiments in heavy nuclei / G. E. Mitchell ... [et al.]
  • Symmetry violation in heavy nuclei / V. Gudkov
  • Neutron nuclear astrophysics at spallation neutron sources / P. E. Koehler
  • A new experiment to search for neutron
  • > antineutron transitions at HFIR reactor / Yu. Kamyshkov
  • The neutron electric dipole moment, UCN and superfluid He / R. Golub and S. K. Lamoreaux
  • Project of new neutron EDM measurements / A. Serebov ... [et al.]
  • Magnetic trapping of ultracold neutrons: Prospects for an improved measurement of the neutron lifetime / P. R. Huffman ... [et al.]
  • A measurement of the neutron beta-asymmetry using ultra-cold neutrons / A. Young ... [et al.]
  • Neutron polarization and polarimetry with laser driven 3He spin filters / T. E. Chupp and K. P. Coulter
  • Parity-violating neutron spin rotation observable / D. M. Markoff and F. E. Wietfeldt
  • Measurement of the parity violating asymmetry Ay in N + P
  • > D + y / W. M. Snow ... [et al.]
  • A new approach to measuring the neutron decay correlations with cold neutrons at Lansce / W. S. Wilburn ... [et al.]
  • Comparative numerical analysis of the expected simultaneous parity and time reversal violating effects in the polarized neutron transmission through the polarized 139LAALO3 and 13XE targets / V. R. Skoy and G. N. Kim
  • The NIST-Indiana-Hamilton polarized 3He spin filter program / T. R. Gentile ... [et al.]
  • Workshop summary: Fundamental neutron physics in the United States: An opportunity in nuclear, particle, and astrophysics for the next decade / G. Greene ... [et al.].