Time reversal invariance and parity violation in neutron reactions : Dubna, Russia, 4-7 May 1993 [E-Book] / editors, C.R. Gould, J.D. Bowman, Yu. P. Popov.
Gould, C. R.
Popov, I͡U. P. / Bowman, J. D.
Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd., 1994
1 online resource (262 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introductory Overview on P- and T-Violation in Neutron Reactions / V.E. Bunakov
  • Data on Parity Violation in the Compound Nucleus and Its Interpretation / J.D. Bowman, C.M. Frankle, J.N. Knudson, S.I. Penttila, S.J. Seestrom, J.J. Szymanski, Y.-F. Yen, S.H. Yoo, V.W. Yuan, B.E. Crawford, N.R. Roberson, X. Zhu, C.R. Gould, D.G. Haase, L. Lowie, G.E. Mitchell, S.S. Patterson, P.P.J. Delheij, Yu. P. Popov, E.I. Sharapov, H. Postma, H.M. Shimizu and Y. Matsuda
  • Doorway State Approach to Parity Violation in Compound Nuclear States / N. Auerbach
  • Matrix Elements between Compound States / V.V. Flambaum
  • Sign Correlation in PV Effects / M.B. Johnson
  • The Mechanisms of Parity Violation in Neutron Reactions / V.K. Sirotkin and D.F. Zaretsky
  • Statistical Analysis for Imperfect Measurements of Stochastic Variables / V.E. Bunakov
  • Likelihood Analysis of Parity Violation in the Compound Nucleus / J.D. Bowman and E.I. Sharapov.
  • The Spins of [superscript 238]U p-Wave Resonances / F. Corvi, F. Gunsing, K. Athanassopulos, H. Postma and A. Mauri
  • PNC Study with Polarized Target and Spin Property of La / V.P. Alfimenkov, Yu. D. Mareev, V.V. Novitsky, L.B. Pikelner and V.R. Skoy
  • Parity Violation in Interactions of Light Nuclei with Neutrons / I.S. Okunev
  • Test of Space-Time Symmetries using Slow Neutrons in Japan / T. Adachi, K. Asahi, M. Doi, M. Harada, M. Iinuma, S. Ishimoto, T. Maekawa, A. Masaike, Y. Masuda, Y. Matsuda, K. Morimoto, K. Okumura, K. Sakai, H. Sato, H.M. Shimizu, Y. Takahashi, R. Takizawa, T. Yabuzaki and Z.J. Zheng
  • Reaction Tests of Time-Reversal Invariance / E.D. Davis
  • Parity Nonconserving Potentials in Nucleon-Nucleus Interactions / G.A. Lobov
  • T-Violating Neutron Spin Rotation Asymmetry / Y. Masuda
  • Polarized Target for T-Violation Experiment / H.M. Shimizu, T. Maekawa, Y. Takahashi and T. Yabuzaki
  • New Possibility of Search for P-, T-Violation / A. Serebrov.
  • The TUNL Five-Fold Correlation Experiment / J.E. Koster, E.D. Davis, C.R. Gould, D.G. Haase, P.R. Huffman and N.R. Roberson
  • Deformation Effect and Five-Fold Correlation Time Reversal Test in Neutron Resonances using Aligned [superscript 165]Ho / P.R. Huffman, C.M. Frankle, C.R. Gould, D.G. Haase and N.R. Roberson
  • Model Analysis of Time Reversal Symmetry Test in a Proton Deuteron Transmission Experiment / M. Beyer
  • Tests of Time Reversal Invariance and Parity with Charged Particles / G.E. Mitchell, C.R. Bybee, J.M. Drake, E.G. Bilpuch and J.F. Shriner, Jr.
  • P-Even T Violation from the Energy Shift in Nonpolarized (n, [gamma]) Reaction / A.L. Barabanov, E.I. Sharapov, V.R. Skoy and C.M. Frankle
  • Measurement of T-Odd, P-Even Effects in [actual symbol not reproducible] Reaction / E.I. Sharapov and V.R. Skoy
  • TRI Tests by Internal Pair Production following Polarized Neutron Capture / K. Schreckenbach, J. van Klinken and J. Last.
  • Feasibility Study of T-Violation with Van Vleck or Quadrupolar Nuclei / M. Goldman
  • Cryogenic Spin Filter for Polarizing an Epithermal Neutron Beam / S.I. Penttila, J.D. Bowman, P.P.J. Delheij, C.M. Frankle, D.G. Haase, R. Mortensen, H. Postma, S.J. Seestrom and Y.-F. Yen
  • Measuring Parity Violation using the Neutron Capture Reaction / C.M. Frankle, J.D. Bowman, S.J. Seestrom, N.R. Roberson and E.I. Sharapov
  • 500-MHz Neutron Detector / Y.-F. Yen, J.D. Bowman, Y. Matsuda, S.I. Penttila, S. Seestrom, H.M. Shimizu, R.W. Strickland, S. Takahashi, S.H. Yoo and V.W. Yuan
  • Conference Summary / S.J. Seestrom.