Structure and bonding in crystals. 1.

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O'Keeffe, M., (editor)
Bloch, A. N., (Mitarb.)
New-York, NY : Academic Pr., 1981.
XVIII, 327 S.
Structure and bonding in crystals ; 1.
structure and chemical bond in crystals: historical perspective
quantum theory and crystal chemistry
pseudopotentials and crystal structure
quantum defect orbital radii and the structural chemistry of simple solids
a pseudopotential viewpoint of the electronic and structural properties of crystals
elementary quantitative theory of chemical bonding
the role and significance of empirical and semiempirical correlations
theoretical probes of bonding in the disiloxy group
a comparison of experimental and theoretical bond length and angle variations for minerals, inorganic solids, and molecules
the role of nonbonded forces in crystals
molecules within infinite solids
charge density distributions (in molecules and crystals)
some aspects of the ionic model of crystals

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