Handbook on synchrotron radiation. 1A.

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Koch, Ernst Eckhard, (editor)
Amsterdam : North Holland, 1983.
LXVI, 605 S.
Handbook on synchrotron radiation ; 1A.
synchrotron radiation: a powerful tool in science
characteristics of synchrotron radiation and of its sources
grating monochromators and optics for the VUV and soft x-ray region
x-ray monochromators
photon detectors for the ultraviolet and x-ray region
transport, dispersion and detection of electrons, ions and neutrals
interaction of radiation with condensed matter
beyond the one- electron model: many body effects in atoms, molecules, and solids
photoelectron spectroscopy
basic principles and applications of EXAFS
x-ray diffraction: principles and applications
soft x-ray optics and microscopy
synchrotron radiation x-ray microlithography

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