Topics in carbon 013 NMR spectroscopy vol 4.

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Levy, George C., (editor)
New-York, NY : Wiley, 1984.
XI, 282 S.
Topics in carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy ; 4.
ultrahigh field NMR: technology and applications
practical guide to shimming superconducting NMR magnets
C-013 labeling strategies in macromolecular studies: applications to dihydrofolate reductase
high accuracy quantitative analysis by C-013 Fourier transform NMR spectroscopy
high resolution solid state C-013 NMR
rotating frame cross polarization in liquids
pulsed methods for polarization transfer in C-013 NMR
two- dimensional NMR spectroscopy
factors affecting accuracy in C-013 spin lattice relaxation measurements

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