This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2013 

Electromagnetic Structure of the Z_c(3900)
Wilbring, E. (Corresponding author)
Hammer, H.-W. / Meißner, U.-G.
Theorie der Starken Wechselwirkung; IAS-4
Theorie der starken Wechselwirkung; IKP-3
Physics letters / B, 726 (2013) 1-3, S. 326-329
Amsterdam North-Holland Publ. 2013
Journal Article
Hadron Structure and Dynamics (HSD)
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Please use the identifier: in citations.
The observation of the exotic quarkonium state Z_c(3900) by the BESIII and Belle collaborations supports the concept of hadronic molecules. Charmonium states interpreted as such molecules would be bound states of heavy particles with small binding energies. This motivates their description using an effective theory with contact interactions. In particular, we focus on the electromagnetic structure of the charged state Z_c(3900). Using first experimental results concerning spin and parity, we interpret it as an S-wave molecule and calculate the form factors as well as charge and magnetic radii up to next-to-leading order. We also present first numerical estimations of some of these observables at leading order.