This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2013 

Vertically integrated (Ga, In)N nanostructures for future single photon emitters operating in the telecommunication wavelength range
Winden, A (Corresponding author)
Mikulics, M / Gr├╝tzmacher, D / Hardtdegen, H
Halbleiter-Nanoelektronik; PGI-9
Nanotechnology, 24 (2013) 40, S. 405302 -
Bristol IOP Publ. 2013
Journal Article
Frontiers of charge based Electronics
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Important technological steps are discussed and realized for future room-temperature operation of III-nitride single photon emitters. First, the growth technology of positioned single pyramidal InN nanostructures capped by Mg-doped GaN is presented. The optimization of their optical characteristics towards narrowband emission in the telecommunication wavelength range is demonstrated. In addition, a device concept and technology was developed so that the nanostructures became singularly addressable. It was found that the nanopyramids emit in the telecommunication wavelength range if their size is chosen appropriately. A p-GaN contacting layer was successfully produced as a cap to the InN pyramids and the top p-contact was achievable using an intrinsically conductive polymer PEDOT:PSS, allowing a 25% increase in light transmittance compared to standard Ni/Au contact technology. Single nanopyramids were successfully integrated into a high-frequency device layout. These decisive technology steps provide a promising route to electrically driven and room-temperature operating InN based single photon emitters in the telecommunication wavelength range.