This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2010 

Key results from the DIII-D/TEXTOR collaboration on the physics of stochastic boundaries projected to ELM control at ITER
Schmitz, O.
Evans, T.E. / Stoschus, H. / Unterberg, E.A. / Coenen, J.W. / Fenstermacher, M.E. / Frerichs, H. / Jakubowski, M.W. / Laengner, R. / Lasnier, C.IL. / Mordijck, S. / Moyer, R. / Osborne, T.H. / Reimerdes, H. / Reiter, D. / Samm, U. / Unterberg, B.
Plasmaphysik; IEK-4
Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010, EXD/P3-30, 147
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