This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2013 

Dispersions and mixtures of particles with complex architectures in shear flow
Guu, D. (Corresponding author)
Dhont, J. K. G. / Lettinga, M. P.
Weiche Materie ; ICS-3
European physical journal special topics, 222 (2013) 11, S. 2739 - 2755
Berlin Springer 2013
Journal Article
Soft Matter Composites
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We review the effect of shear flow on the phase behavior and structure of colloidal dispersions with increasing degree of complexity. We discuss dispersions of colloidal rods, stiff living polymers like wormlike micelles, and colloidal platelets. In addition, a review is presented on sheared binary dispersions. For all cases we discuss the interplay between thermodynamic instabilities and hydrodynamic instabilities.