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Score-P - A Unified Performance Measurement System for Petascale Applications
an Mey, D.
Biersdorf, S. / Bischof, C. / Diethelm, K. / Eschweiler, D. / Gerndt, M. / Knüpfer, A. / Lorenz, D. / Malony, A. / Nagel, W. / Oleynik, Y. / Rössel, C. / Saviankou, P. / Schmidl, D. / Shende, S. / Wagner, M. / Wesarg, B. / Wolf, F.
Jülich Supercomputing Center; JSC
Competence in High Performance Computing 2010, (CiHPC-2010), Proceedings of an International Conference on Competence in High Performance Computing, June 2010, Schloss Schwetzingen, Germany, ed. / C. Bischof, H.G. Hegering, W.E. Nagel, G.Wittum, Springer, 2012. - 978-3-642-24024-9. - S. 85 -97
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Computational Science and Mathematical Methods
Scientific Computing
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