This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2013 

Synthesis of coffinite, USiO4, and structural investigations of the UxTh(1-x)SiO4 solid solutions
Labs, Sabrina (Corresponding author)
Hennig, Christoph / Weiss, Stephan / Curtius, Hildegard / Zänker, Harald / Bosbach, Dirk
Nukleare Entsorgung und Reaktorsicherheit; IEK-6
Environmental science & technology, xx (2013) S. xx
Columbus, Ohio American Chemical Society 2013
Journal Article
Safety Research for Nuclear Waste Disposal
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The miscibility behavior of the USiO4 – ThSiO4 system was investigated. The end members and ten solid solutions UxTh(1-x)SiO4 with x = 0.12 – 0.92 were successfully synthesized, without formation of other secondary uranium or thorium phases. Lattice parameters of the solid solutions evidently follow Vegard's Law. Investigation of the local structure with EXAFS reveals small differences between U and Th environment attributed to different atomic radii of the metal atoms but no implications for a miscibility gap. The data provided confirms complete miscibility for the system USiO4 – ThSiO4. The structure of the end members was studied in detail with XRD and discussed with special regard to the oxygen positions and the often neglected Si-O bond length. USiO4 could be obtained without UO2 impurities and the lattice parameters derived from Rietveld refinement as c = 6.2606(3) Å and a = 6.9841(3) Å. The Si-O distance in USiO4 appears to be 1.64 Å, which is more reasonable than earlier reported values.