This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2008 

Statistical analysis of water vapour and ozone in the UT/LS observed during SPURT and MOZAIC
Kunz, A.
Schiller, C. / Rohrer, F. / Smit, H. G. J. / Nedelec, P. / Spelten, N.
Stratosphäre; ICG-1
Troposphäre; ICG-2
Atmospheric chemistry and physics, 8 (2008) S. 6603 - 6615
Katlenburg-Lindau EGU 2008
6603 - 6615
Journal Article
Atmosphäre und Klima
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 8
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A statistical analysis for the comparability of water (H2O) and ozone (O-3) data sets sampled during the SPURT aircraft campaigns and the MOZAIC passenger aircraft flights is presented. The Kolmogoroff-Smirnoff test reveals that the distribution functions from SPURT and MOZAIC trace gases differ from each other with a confidence of 95%. A variance analysis shows a different variability character in both trace gas data sets. While the SPURT H2O data only contain atmospheric processes variable on a diurnal or synoptical timescale, MOZAIC H2O data also reveal processes, which vary on inter-seasonal and seasonal timescales. The SPURT H2O data set does not represent the full MOZAIC H2O variance in the UT/LS for climatological investigations, whereas the variance of O-3 is much better represented. SPURT H2O data are better suited in the stratosphere, where the MOZAIC RH sensor looses its sensitivity.