This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2013 

On-chip optical stimulation and electrical recording from cells
Yakushenko, Alexey
Maybeck, Vanessa / Boris, Hofmann / Gong, Zheng / Gu, Erdan / Dawson, Martin / Offenhäusser, Andreas / Wolfrum, Bernhard
Bioelektronik; PGI-8
Bioelektronik; ICS-8
1st International Biophotonics Meeting in Israel, Tel Aviv (Israel), 2012-12-09 - 2012-12-11
Sensorics and bioinspired systems
Physics of the Cell
Helmholtz Young Investigators Group
We demonstrate an optoelectrical device capable of bidirectional optical stimulation and electrophysiological recording. It consists of an array of micropixellated InGaN light-emitting diodes coupled to a custom-made ultrathin planar microelectrode array. Electrogenic cells (HL-1) were transfected with a light-sensitive protein and cultured directly on the chip. We monitored action potentials of individual spontaneously beating HL-1 cells by extracellular electrical recordings. On-chip light stimulation of non-beating HL-1 cells triggered network activity that was recorded using calcium imaging. We see the potential of our chip for electrophysiological experiments of optogenetically-modified cells with single cell resolution without complex optics or external light sources.