This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2013 

Properties of individual GaP/ZnO core-shell nanowires with radial PN junction
Adelung, Rainer (Corresponding author)
Eliáš, P. / Hasenöhrl, S. / Laurenciková, A. / Vávra, I. / Novotný, I. / Kováč, J. / Mikulics, Martin
Halbleiter-Nanoelektronik; PGI-9
8766 S. 1-6
Proceedings of the SPIE - Nanotechnology VI
SPIE Microtechnologies, Grenoble (France), 2014-04-24 - 2014-04-26
Contribution to a book
Contribution to a conference proceedings
Frontiers of charge based Electronics
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Nanowires (NW) exhibit unique electrical and optical properties due to lowered dimensions and related confinement effects. An integration of these tiny objects necessitates better understanding of their individual intrinsic properties. Precise electrical characterization of NWs requests preparation of electrical nanocontacts with high stability, low contact resistance and ohmic behaviour. We applied a conventional field-effect transistor configuration that allows to estimate a type of conductivity and carrier mobility also. Structural properties of individual NWs were studied by means of SEM and TEM techniques. The GaP nanowires under study were grown on the p-type GaP (111)B substrate by a VLS technique using 30 nm colloidal gold particles as seeds. A part of NWs was covered by a thin ZnO layer (10 - 140 nm) deposited by RF sputtering. Deposition of thin ZnO layer on the GaP nanowire led to creation of radial PN junction in core-shell configuration.