This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2014 

Multiscale modeling of blood flow: from single cells to blood rheology
Fedosov, Dmitry (Corresponding Author)
Noguchi, Hiroshi / Gompper, Gerhard
Theorie der Weichen Materie und Biophysik ; IAS-2
Theorie der Weichen Materie und Biophysik ; ICS-2
Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology, 13 (2014) 2, S. 239-258
Berlin Springer 2014
Journal Article
Soft Matter Composites
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Mesoscale simulations of blood flow, where the red blood cells are described as deformable closed shells with a membrane characterized by bending rigidity and stretching elasticity, have made much progress in recent years to predict the flow behavior of blood cells and other components in various flows. To numerically investigate blood flow and blood-related processes in complex geometries, a highly efficient simulation technique for the plasma and solutes is essential. In this review, we focus on the behavior of single and several cells in shear and microcapillary flows, the shear-thinning behavior of blood and its relation to the blood cell structure and interactions, margination of white blood cells and platelets, and modeling hematologic diseases and disorders. Comparisons of the simulation predictions with existing experimental results are made whenever possible, and generally very satisfactory agreement is obtained