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Invenio@HGF: Collaborative repository infrastructure
Thiele, Robert
Wagner, Alexander (Corresponding Author)
Zentralbibliothek; ZB
Open Repositories 2014, Helsinki (Finnland), 2014-06-09 - 2014-06-14
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To accommodate the growing needs for publication databases stemming from scientific evaluation requirements as well as the growing requirements for open access repositories, the libraries of the Helmholtz centres DESY (Hamburg), Forschungszentrum Jülich, GSI(Darmstadt) together with the university library of RWTH Aachen decided to join forces and to migrate their existing solutions to Invenio. One main goal of the project was to ease up "cataloguing" to a level where it can easily be handled by non-library staff (e.g. secretaries) while still maintaining the high standard of meta data quality necessary for the complex evaluatory needs. This is accomplished by introducing Marc Authority throughout the system, regular OAI-PMH-based interchange of these records and using them extensively during input as well as later on for statistical purposes. Additionally, a fully automatic evaluation utility has been developed, to generate the required data in a standardized way across all instances.This talk will give an outline of recent achievements and developments within the common project and also shed some light on future plans of our growing (sub)community in Germany.