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The Soret effect of mono-, di- and tri-glycols in ethanol
Klein, M.
Wiegand, S.
Weiche Materie ; ICS-3
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13 (2011) S. 7090 - 7094
Cambridge RSC Publ. 2011
7090 - 7094
Journal Article
BioSoft: Makromolekulare Systeme und biologische Informationsverarbeitung
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13
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Published under German "Allianz" Licensing conditions on 2011-03-16. Available in OpenAccess from 2012-03-16
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Please use the identifier: in citations.
We employed thermal diffusion forced Rayleigh scattering (TDFRS) to investigate the chain length dependence of the thermal diffusion behavior of short glycols in ethanol. We studied three glycols, monoethylenglycol (MEG), diethylenglycol (DEG) and triethylenglycol (TEG), in an ethanol solution. In contrast to the polymer polyethylenglycol, the shorter glycols used within the framework of this study are completely soluble in ethanol, at least for low molar fractions. In order to guarantee a good solubility of the glycols, the measurements were limited to molar fractions of 10% and 20%. As the different glycols only differ by their chain length it will be possible to deduce its influence on the thermal diffusion properties. Due to the fairly short persistence length of the glycols, D(T) reaches already for the dimer a plateau value. This finding agrees with simulation results. Furthermore, the thermal expansion and the kinematic viscosity are measured to investigate if empirical correlations seen for other systems could be confirmed.