This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2014 

Eye movement-related brain activity during perceptual and cognitive processing
Nikolaev, Andrey R. (Corresponding Author)
Pannasch, Sebastian / Ito, Junji / Belopolsky, Artem V.
Theoretical Neuroscience; IAS-6
Computational and Systems Neuroscience; INM-6
Frontiers in systems neuroscience, 8 (2014) S. 62
Lausanne Frontiers Research Foundation 2014
Journal Article
Connectivity and Activity
Einfluss von top-down Signalen auf den autonomen Sehvorgang - Multi-skalen Analyse von massiv-parallelen Multi-Area-Daten des visuellen Pfades
Signalling Pathways and Mechanisms in the Nervous System
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