Erprobung und Versuchsergebnisse des PNP-Teströhrenspaltofens in der EVA-II-Anlage
Niessen, Hans-Ferdinand (Corresponding Author)
Bhattacharyya, Ashu T. / Busch, M. / Hesse, K. / Zentis, A.
Publikationen vor 2000; PRE-2000
Jülich Kernforschungsanlage Jülich GmbH, Zentralbiliothek, Verlag 1988
ohne Topic
Berichte des Forschungszentrums Jülich 2231
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For the development of a licensable steam reformer, arrangedand operated in the primary circuit of a HTR process heat plant,a steam reformer bundle with 18 full scale tubes and a nominalpower of 5 MJ/s was manufactured and successfully tested inthe EVA II-plant at KFA-Jülich. With these tests under normaloperation conditions and also under disturbances the thermal,process and mechanical design could be approved. The steam reformer test bundle was operated for a total timeof 5200 h. During a test time of 3230 h the temperature inthe helium inlet zone was in a temperature range above 900 °C. Temperature cycle experiments took additional 520 h, wherethe helium inlet temperature was cycled more than 100 timesfrom 960 °C to 630 °C to 960 °C. The process parameters werevaried in such a broad field, that most of today's foreseeableoperation conditions of nuclear heated steam reformersare included. Within this range the test bundle fulfilled theexpected data and the experimental results could be forecastedby computer simulation. The demounting of the bundle out of the steam reformer vesselwas done without any difficulty. The optical impression ofthe bundle was very well and was confirmed by measurement. For more intensive inspection after operation and material tests the bundle will be disassembled .