This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2014 

Surface erosion and modification of toughened, fine-grained, recrystallized tungsten exposed to TEXTOR edge plasma
Ueda, Y. (Corresponding Author)
Oya, M. / Hamaji, Y. / Lee, H. T. / Kurishita, H. / Torikai, Y. / Yoshida, N. / Kreter, A. / Coenen, J. W. / Litnovsky, A. / Philipps, V.
Plasmaphysik; IEK-4
Physica scripta, T159 (2014) S. 014038
Bristol IoP Publ. 2014
Journal Article
Plasma-wall interactions
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In order to evaluate the applicability of toughened, fine-grained, recrystallized (TFGR)-W to tokamak edge plasma environment, two TFGR-W specimens (TFGR-W 1.1wt%TiC and TFGR-W 3.3wt%TaC) were exposed to 31 identical ohmic discharges in the TEXTOR tokamak by means of a limiter lock system. The highest surface temperature reached was about 1300 °C. Under these temperature conditions, the bulk microstructure and dispersoids distribution of both TFGR-W remained intact, suggesting that these TFGR-W tungsten materials have sufficient stability under these plasma loading conditions. The erosion of TiC dispersoids on the surface was enhanced by plasma exposure above 1150 °C, while such enhanced erosion was not observed for TaC dispersoids probably due to the higher melting temperature of Ta than Ti.