This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2015 

Modelling and evaluation of hydrogen desorption kinetics controlled by surface reaction and bulk diffusion for magnesium hydride
Drozdov, I. V. (Corresponding author)
Vassen, Robert / Stöver, D.
Werkstoffsynthese und Herstellungsverfahren; IEK-1
RSC Advances, 5 (2015) 7, S. 5363 - 5371
London RSC Publishing 2015
Journal Article
Methods and Concepts for Material Development
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The ‘shrinking core’ model has been applied for the evaluation of hydrogen desorption kinetics during decomposition of magnesium hydride. According to our estimation, the full desorption time is expected to have a quadratic dependence on the size of powder particles, if the bulk diffusion of hydrogen atoms in magnesium is a rate controlling step. However, for the actual diffusion rate for hydrogen in magnesium bulk the diffusion cannot significantly influence the overall desorption kinetics for micro- and nano-powders.