This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2015 

Improved flexible thin-film solar cells with nanoimprinted light management textures
Wilken, K. (Corresponding author)
Paetzold, U. W. / Meier, Matthias / Prager, N. / Fahland, M. / Finger, F. / Smirnov, V.
Photovoltaik; IEK-5
IEEE 2015
2015 IEEE 42nd Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), New Orleans (LA), 2015-06-14 - 2015-06-19
Contribution to a conference proceedings
Helmholtz Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training in Energy and Climate Research (HITEC)
Solar cells of the next generation
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A nanoimprint based approach to achieve efficient light management for solar cells on low temperature transparent polymer (PET) films is presented. The imprint-textured PET substrates show excellent light scattering properties and lead to significantly improved incoupling and trapping of the light in the solar cell, resulting in a current density of 12.9 mA/cm2, similar to that on a glass substrate with texture-etched ZnO:Al and only 0.2 mA/cm2 lower than that on Asahi(U)-type TCO glass. An efficiency of 6.9 % was achieved for a flexible thin-film silicon solar cell on low cost transparent PET substrate